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How to get more customers?

It may take you a few weeks, months and maybe years for you to reach your actual goal. But the most useful force is hard work, the quotation. “The heights by great men reached and kept meanwhile their companions slept,” is not a cliché used by educators. 

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But is a mantra truly embraced by some of the most successful individuals over the world and is one you can use as a guide. You will also have to learn to rid yourself of the disease of procrastination

One of the most powerful weapons that helps limit many people from making money is time. We often misuse time and are unwilling to work hard enough to make up for lost times. In reality, no successful individual can say they have not put some amount of work into accomplishing their goals. 

Please notice I did not say rich people, but I say, successful people. You not only have money, but you have a career. As time is one of the things that will help you earn more, whether it is going back to school to get higher education or starting your own business

You are in control of your life and so you can be in control of the amount of money you earn as well. So, you decide how you will spend your time and what you want your career to be for the rest of your lives. 

Although, it is quite challenging to make some of the necessary steps in making more money. You must understand that you have the power because you have complete control over the decisions you are making daily. 

Control is a powerful tool that you have as you will be able to make all the right decisions as you gain more experience in approaching your goals.

The importance of branding


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When having a brand ambassador, if you could afford a celebrity go ahead or if you could find someone who knows what they are doing. 

Branding plays an integral role in your products’ sale; your products must be attractive to all customers. There are various types of customers and they will have particular needs. 

However, if you create a product that will grab all of these customers’ attention it will be beneficial to your company in every way.

Understanding the customers

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Before engaging your customers, you need to be aware of certain key factors. You cannot create a product or service that is not wanted by consumers. When you understand the needs of a particular group of consumers you will be able to provide them with a product that is valuable to them. 

You need to focus on all aspects of the business venture and look at the possibilities of losing or gaining customers based on the product or services you offer.

Types of customers

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The largest companies in contemporary society face many challenges when creating business deals. Especially when they are decreasing prices to gain customers. 

But it must be noted that each type of customer needs to be dealt with uniquely. It is important to note that a particular customer may possess more than one type of customer traits. The main types of customer types:

Bargain hunters: 

These customers want to buy products and services only at the lowest possible price. They are less concerned about value, differentiation or relationships. customers care only about the lowest price possible for a given product or service. 

They don’t commit to any particular supplier by making sure they can change suppliers easily at will. They just want cheap products and even if you are not the greatest ever one you have a similar product for lower prices, they will gravitate towards you. 

But it is even better if you have a customer like this and give him/her good quality products and services for lower prices than your competitors. 

Relationship/loyal buyers: 

These customers want to trust and have dependable relationships with their suppliers, and they expect suppliers to take good care of them. 

These customers always expect the best quality products and services and even if your prices get a little higher, they are still going to be with you because of the quality product and services you always offer. 

You will have to continue serving these customers well by any means if you want to keep their loyalty. When you lose these customers you normally use them for life.

Value buyers: 

These customers understand the value and want suppliers to be able to provide the most value in their relations. 

These customers are the most challenging, because if they don’t see the value of the product, they may never purchase it. 

Whether it’s from you or another business. So, try as best to please them, while earning your profit at the same time.

Impulse buyers: 

These are buyers who will make unplanned purchases and are easy to gravitate towards flashy products and discounts. 

They are the easiest to convince to buy your product especially when it is something seemingly nice or luxurious. People will just simply want to buy your products.

Gaining Customers

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To gain customers you must understand your customers and your needs. Whether you are targeting teenagers, smokers, lovers or religious groups, it will take time for you to know who your customers are. 

This doesn’t mean you will know their names and birthdays, but you will figure out how much they spend and the products they embrace. It takes a while for you to get to know what your customers need and so that is why many large organizations try to target all ages, gender and religious groups. 

You will also bear in mind the general types of customers that are out there so your products and services will target everyone. You want to establish prices for everyone, whether it is to offer a smaller version of your product or services and maybe you create a subscription program for persons who cannot afford an entire product. 

In creating certain prices, you are indirectly negotiating with your customers depending on the company you have. People will not instantly gravitate towards your product. They will want to come in-store and see what you really offer or go online and do some research about you if you do not have a physical store. 

You develop a sense of intimacy with your customers though you may not know them personally. Everything you do will be in your customers’ best interest. Customer satisfaction will be at the heart of every business decision you make. 

Though you may prefer a certain product your customers may hate it. All of these things will be a learning process, customers will be dissatisfied, and you will make bad decisions but it may be unknowingly and when you realise you will make the necessary changes. You also need to focus on what is out there in the market that you are a part of. 

What your competitors provide versus what you are providing also helps to grow your customer crowd. Where they fail on quality and prices you will provide. If you can outdo them and anyone at the moment, that is a start

When you establish quality prices and products, you will have quality customers and people will stick to your company. In the smartphone world, one can argue that Samsung and Apple do not produce the cheapest cell phones, but they are quality products and last for years. 

Compared to some cheaper brands, that are destroyed in under a year. Those products may be ten times cheaper, but because customers have to get them so often. It displays a sense of distrust and people start buying better quality phones like Apple and Samsung smartphones. 

So though more expensive, they are quality products. Some other cell phone companies are offering products in line with Samsung and Apple quality and so these two companies may lose some customers over time as those companies focus on quality though they have been seen as underdogs.

Avoid jumping prices

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You must never jump the gun. Jumping prices is changing the prices of products too often with an extreme increase. The customers will start hating your prices and try to get the product that may almost or as good as your product for a lower price. 

Ensure that your deals and discounted prices don’t have an extremely short lifespan. To prevent jumping prices, you want to have seasonal promotions and ensure the promotion is worth it. 

That will not only win you a large crowd of customers but will help you to have new ones. Additionally, you must ensure that you are not too eager to sell your product to a customer who makes you seem too desperate and forces you to dwindle your prices. 

Whatever is concocted for one customer should be done for another.

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