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Meet Dr. Max – your success coach

With 15 years coaching experience Max's students show consistent high results

Online coaching and advice via phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom with a focus on:

• mental strength in crisis situations

• Decision making

• Change professionally or privately

• Development of potential

Holistic, integral coaching for work and private life

Target group: 35+, employees, job seekers, retirees,

currently special support for entrepreneurs, service providers

Technical support for online communication (e.g. zoom) included if required

24 hours

24 Hr Access


Learn soft skills

fast internet

Exercise for highest performance


Eat healthy


Edge on technology

Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

We have interviewed hundreds of truly Selfmade people in all areas of life and gathered the characteristics they all share. Start using Selfmade success calendar and see real results in 3 months.

  • Normalize sleeping schedule
  • Follow nutritious diet for increased brain activity
  • Do exercises to increase endurance
  • Read books
  • Incorporate time management techniques into your routine
  • Overcome your fears and try new every day
  • Apply quick decision making algorithms
  • Split your goal into subtasks the smART way

Individual achievement doesn't involve foundation, insight, or local capacity. It's not our family, companions, or contacts who empower us to do exceptional things. All things considered, the keys to accomplishment in life are our capacity to get the absolute best out of ourselves under practically all conditions and conditions. It is your capacity to adjust and transform you.

You have inside you, at this moment, profound stores of potential and capacity that, if appropriately bridled and directed, will empower you to get unprecedented things done with your life.

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