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Why Actions come before Motivation

In life you have a choice you can either be a spectator or you can be a participant. Spectators like to talk, participants are all about actions. Everybody talks about a good game but what separated the successful from the unknown is action. The successful take massive actions, they don’t hesitate, they don’t procrastinate, they do not fear failure instead they fear being average. 

Dreams can come true but dreams need action as there is a difference between dreams and fairy tales.The difference between a dream and a good idea is that a dream will keep coming back, a dream will not go away irrespective of the number of days, months, or years. Whatever dream you have got, you got to have acted as well and if not, it’s always going to stay a fairy tale. It will stalk you, it will harass you until you give in and say it is now time to launch, time for me to step out, or time for me to jump and go for it. 

The action comes before Motivation 

Most people commit to actions only when they find enough motivation or feel a certain level of motivation after some emotional inspiration. But the fact is your actions are responsible for emotional reactions and inspirations thus build motivations towards your desired goals. 

Here’s how most people approach motivation:


Here’s how motivation works:



Irrespective of the goal you want to achieve if you feel demotivated it’s surely because you have not taken any action yet or you are overwhelmed by the size of talk that is in front of you. Successful people know that consistent action breeds success. You don’t want to live a life where you are all talk and no action. People say it all the time; talk is cheap i.e. if you don’t have an action you are nowhere.

You also have to believe in yourself that you will get what you are talking about, you will achieve your dream because faith without work is dead. The only way your dream can become your reality is that you have tobelieve in yourself and have to take action. The talkers are almost always non-achievers so be a worker and work hard to achieve your goals. Most of the time the hardest part is to take the first step towards your goal but once you give yourself that push, you will get going. If you dive into the deep end you have to start swimming so throw yourself in the deep end of life and push yourself to reach the top. 

Motivation Starts with Action

The unspoken rule or secret to getting motivated is to act to feel motivated

       X  Feel ————- Act  

  • Act ————– Feel 

You don’t have to wait to build up enough motivation to get off the couch and start working. Once you got the idea just start working on it without waiting to get more passion or motivation for that. The most important part of a successful life is that you are moving and trying to get things done. Once you have done the first step, you will feel self-confidence, motivation, and courage to do the next step and so on. Merely acting is the one thing that should inspire you, then every step you take becomes a step in the right direction and you are unstoppable. 

Take Immediate Action

If you got an idea, try to take action as soon as possible before the idea fades away. According to the law of diminishing intent, you intend to when the idea strikes when the emotion is high. But when you don’t translate that into action, fairly soon the intent starts to diminish and a month after that it’s cold and can’t be found. So act, set up a discipline when the emotions are high and the idea is strong, clear, and powerful. Otherwise, it is wasted as the emotion passes until you put it into disciplined activity. 

One of the rules of success is always to focus on what you can control as you can’t always control everything like the complex internal reactions that trigger the emotions but you can control how to act or respond in a given situation. Whenever you try to get some work done, you will always find the resistance that makes you uncomfortable.  Resistance can be in any form when it comes to taking action like laziness or procrastination. It originates in your brain to keep you safe from any uncomfortable situation. 

Stop Procrastinating 

The most common distraction is your thoughts. Procrastination is actually about lying to yourself i.e., telling yourself I have plenty of time to do all the things or keep thinking I will do this and that. Scientific studies depict that it is the fight sparked between both conscious and unconscious parts of the brain. The limbic system i.e., the unconscious part of the brain mostly wins to keep you in a comfortable zone trying to keep you safe 

Instead of thinking about thousands of things you want to do in a day and letting these thoughts overwhelmed you, divide your project into small manageable milestones. Organize them and start with the easiest one.  Make a timetable of how can you tackle this project hour by hour. In this way, you will naturally find yourself coming to finish soon. 

Be Disciplined 

Discipline is how to capture the emotion and wisdom and translate it into equity. Every new discipline affects the rest of your disciplines that is why action is so important. Even in the case of the smallest action, take it because when you start accomplishing and the value starts to return from that one action it will inspire you to do the next one, and so on. Every lack affects the rest and every new affects the rest as well so the key is to diminish the lack and set up the new and you will start the whole new life process. The greatest value of discipline is self-worth, self-esteem. One of the greatest temptations is just to ease up a little bit. The slightest lack of doing your best starts to erode the psyche, philosophy, and consciousness

Think Big but Start Small

Thinking big or setting a big goal is good but for many people, it seems to be unreachable as they feel intimidated by it. Goals are medium-term objectives that are just out of someone’s current reach.  You will never seem to achieve it thus breaking it down into milestones is such an important part of the journey, it helps you keep track of how far and how quickly you are moving. A million-dollar is no longer a lot of money, it’s just a mental milestone you need to pass to move into real money territory. If you have to start working on some idea or project, try to make things as easy as possible for you so that you get some courage and confidence to at least take that first step. Once the first step is taken the momentum and motivation continue to get higher. 

Small Actions Leads to Big Changes 

Even if you plan everything from start to end regarding your project, things will change for sure when you start doing it according to conditions and circumstances. So there are chances that you will end up entirely different than you thought or planned. When times are tough and things go wrong, do not stop taking action, double or even triple your efforts if needed. Do whatever it takes and be a person of action until your dream becomes the truth. 

Hire a Professional 

If you try all your best to get into action but couldn’t and keep procrastinating and waiting for enough motivation, you can hire a professional to get you moving and start acting in the right direction. With the advanced technology, geography is not a problem now, you can connect with anyone via Skype or Google Hangouts. 


Tips to Start Acting without Waiting for Enough Motivation

  • Write it down whatever you want to do or feel motivated about it 
  • Don’t wait for enough inspiration or motivation, just start acting
  • Create an action ramp and build momentum i.e., start with the smallest and simplest action and make a progress towards it
  • Commit yourself that you will finish the project in the scheduled time without letting any distraction causes any hurdles. 

Talking about will not get you results, doing it will. It’s upto you to decide whether you want to live a life of a leader or follower, an action taker, or a procrastinator. Now is time for you to get out of bed, rise, get up, stay up late, get focussed, get committed, and take action. 

It is not always easy to find motivation or inspiration.  Actions always come before motivation and any action is better than no action. Motivate yourself to take action. It is the test of your commitment, courage, and determination especially if you have zero inspiration.

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