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How is myself talk limiting the amount of money I can make?

limiting the amount of money

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Money seems to become so valuable it absconds even the rules of law and basic lifestyle choices. In countries throughout the world, success is defined by money, whether you have six doctoral degrees or the most beautiful face, your money is what becomes your value. 

Popular magazines often post annual lists of people’s monetary. And we normally value these people more important and famous because of the money they are worth. We often sit back a droll at the thought of having a bank account with millions, a tiny percentage of the world’s population worth. 

However, we never seem to make the effort to allow ourselves to earn as much. Even depression is more discussed than the topic of having a strong financial mindset. Most people even think it is taboo to want to be wealthy. 

Some often allude to the metaphor “eye of a needle” which is conferred in the bible to state that the rich man will have a slight possibility to enter into the kingdom of heaven. And despite our various religious affiliations most people still accept this ideology, though would wish to be rich. 

A direct consequence of this is that some of us battle with a negative financial mindset, so even though we want more money, we struggle with the intuition that prevents us from actually being able to earn more money

In the same breath, most of us may have a passion for the arts or music and sports, but we have a large fear of leaving our nine to five jobs to go into a more profitable business industry. Most people fear owning their own business and find every excuse to not own a business. 

These are factors we grapple with and create a constant limitation on the amount of money we make.

 The ways we limit ourselves 

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  • You have not yet decided to relieve yourself of all the traditional misconceptions.
  • When you do not believe that you are the one having control over your career or lifestyle. You may believe your parents or boss have control.
  • When you let the people around you decide what you are good at or what you love. People may tend to highlight your shortcomings, not your strengths.
  • When you get a complimentary job and feel you are fine with this ‘OK’ job you are in.
  • You have not realised you have life, and all hopeful possibilities are waving in the air, but unless you realise these problems won’t be able to start making you more money.

Having a money mindset? 

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Photo by Giorgio Travato on  Unsplash

We often don’t see ourselves as good enough or able to achieve certain things, because of our socio-economic situation. The amount of money we believe we can make often influences all aspects of our lives. 

Even as high school or college students we create in our mind a picture of the amount of money that we want to make, as well as what we can make. We start thereby at a tender age to create an image of the money we think we will never be able to make. 

This sticks with us as adults, and even as we seek higher education, we still are little ourselves into believing that we can only make a certain amount of money. 

Some of us may even believe we are too greedy to want to aim for so much money and all of this limits us to open up to new wealth possibilities. There is the flamboyant misconception that money is the root of all evil and so people bar themselves from actually being associated with “evil”. 

However, the reality is that the love of money, without love for human life, is the real evil. Additionally, some of us can never make enough money with our regular nine to five, pay cheque to pay cheque jobs. 

It can be a chaotic situation when you figure out some of the misconceptions you have about wealth and the reality that they are a large part of you becoming so reclusive to wealth. These subconscious thoughts allowed you to find various counterarguments to the reasons why you are fine with an “ok” salary. 

Some of us seem to constantly hold back ourselves because society determines someone like us in an honest nine to five job to be an ideal citizen. In truth nothing is wrong with you living a good life in a nine to five job, but if you ask yourself constantly, why am I doing this? 

Or despises the very sight of your work building. You should stop limiting yourself by firstly getting rid of these entrenched misconceptions. Then you start making the necessary steps towards your goal, whatever new business venture or getting a higher paid job. 

How to stop limiting yourself?

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  1. You cannot just get up and leave your nine to five, but you must have a clear plan and save towards your new ventures. You have to make the following changes before you can fully get to stop limiting yourself: 
  2. Get rid of all the misconceptions you have about money- think about all the many excuses you had and all the traditional views you had about money. Then assess the credibility of these reasons, do they make sense to you in today’s society. Remember it is ok to make money even though you may have these archaic beliefs.
  3. Write down your plan- what you expect to achieve over a certain period without limiting yourself, because of the misconceptions you had before. 
  4. Look at all the positives that will come out of you having your ventures versus what you have accomplished as a nine to five worker or what your parents/bosses wanted for you.
  5. As you make note of the things you want to accomplish and how you can accomplish them. You need to start doing everything from this point to make your ventures become a reality. 
  6. Work hard, no matter how easy you think another job is, hard work is still the equivalent of success. Though some of our favourite YouTubers don’t have to write up long court cases like a lawyer. They have to do sometimes hours of editing. They still have sleepless nights; I am sure Steve Jobs did not just get up and think about Apple and it appears or do you think Michael Jackson just dreamt about building an estate. They left legacies that are comparable to the legacies of men almost twice their ages. This is due to their hard work, hard-work that is unconventional, something that only happens when you believe in yourself. 

Learning from your failures

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Photo by Dario Martinez-Battle  on Unsplash

Learn from your failures; failures are real experiences and until you can learn from these and not bash yourself, you will continue to limit yourselves. 

You will have failures in your ventures to make more money, but you must be able to cope with the challenges you will face. 

Not everything will happen the same day, but you will be taking steps to prevent and deal with any challenges that will have come your way. 

Additionally, you cannot listen to the negatives around you; the notion that you have no degree, you are not smart enough or a particular profession does not pay enough.

It’s not easy making money

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Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

It may take you a few weeks, months and maybe years for you to reach your actual goal. But the most useful force is hard work, the quotation. “The heights by great men reached and kept meanwhile their companions slept,” is not a cliché used by educators. 

But is a mantra truly embraced by some of the most successful individuals over the world and is one you can use as a guide. You will also have to learn to rid yourself of the disease of procrastination. One of the most powerful weapons that helps limit many people from making money is time. 

We often misuse time and are unwilling to work hard enough to make up for lost times. In reality, no successful individual can say they have not put some amount of work into accomplishing their goals. 

Please notice I did not say rich people, but I say, successful people. You not only have money, but you have a career. As time is one of the things that will help you earn more, whether it is going back to school to get higher education or starting your own business.

You are in control of your life and so you can be in control of the amount of money you earn as well. So, you decide how you will spend your time and what you want your career to be for the rest of your lives. 

Although, it is quite challenging to make some of the necessary steps in making more money. You must understand that you have the power because you have complete control over the decisions you are making daily. 

Control is a powerful tool that you have as you will be able to make all the right decisions as you gain more experience in approaching your goals.

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