why am i not rich

Why Am I Not Rich?

If shooting stars were a common reoccurrence as the wishes and desires to be wealthy- then there is a possibility that their wishes could come true. And since that’s not so- many settle for being hopeful and continue on the path of hard work and dedication. 

However, many see this choice as an omen to the path of getting riches or to become rich. And if this journey doesn’t involve skirting from lanes to lanes with a heavy cash flow- then they simply don’t go or partake. Many ignore the risks and only think of the quick reward, riches, which come with the journey.

This route is romanticized or glorified especially in pop culture. Even though it is another avenue to wealth- it is closer to land of the unwealthy, the graveyard.                                                                                              

As the cycle continues- many scurry the internet or google for possible remedies, ointment, potions, and even the lamp of the genie:  one-two-three… rubs the lamp and makes all three wishes. But only if getting rich was that easy.

It can be quite frustrating or even stressful for those who are not rich and simply want to be or become opulent.

This has led many to wonder or think how scientists have not found a cure for the acute illness known as poverty.

So, why am I not rich? 

If you are wondering why you are not rich- here are the possible reasons: no inheritance or generational wealth, a lack of luck, poor education, the cost of living supersedes income and simply not knowing what to invest in.

1. Lack of Generational Wealth or Inheritance 

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Having either one or both parents born in riches is a privilege. Just think of the children with these household names of wealth: the West, Carter, and Kardashian. Do you think they would have to work a day in their lives or work a regular nine to five like us mundane? Think about it.

For many, they aren’t and won’t be the successor of their family’s wealth or inheritance. As mentioned earlier- you would have to be born in a family with immense wealth. And by not being born into one-you don’t feel favoured. As such, you sit and wonder where your wealth will come from and when this streak of poverty or poorness will end.

I am sure you blame your parents for simply not having a trust fund, inheritance or any generational wealth for your convenience. Similarly, just as how you have allocated blame on your parents for not having any inheritance, they must have done the same to their parents. And now, it all seems like a loop of mishaps due to the lack of wealth.

2. A Lack of Luck

Oftentimes, it is said that luck is cheap and while that might be the outlook for many-others don’t see it as such.  And so, they go in search of the rabbit’s feet to add a small or a large drop of wealth in their pocket.  But how many find the feet and share the tale of rags to riches? Do you know anyone?

The prodigal gambler- the ultimate symbol of rare luck.  I am not advising you to become a gambler of any kind or to squander the little money you have to. However, they are people who have chosen to take the risk and now, shower in the midst of wealth that came with a change of fate- from poverty to wealth.

3. The Fears of Risky Monetary Transactions 

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Many people won’t take this risk because of the fear of becoming even poorer. But sometimes you should simply try your luck and renew your faith. I am sure you have seen the signatures of strangers and the many zeros on the cheques from the lotto winner announcements.

And instantly, you would think to yourself, “That could have easily been me.” So while it has to do mostly with luck and chances, many people need to change their outlook on wealth and how to acquire it.

4. Poor Education or Its Lack thereof 

Poor Education or Its Lack thereof 
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Due to the lack of educational access or opportunity- many are unable to change their financial status. Each job requires a specific educational qualification and when you have not met it, the inevitable happens. You are not hired.  

For example- if your highest level of educational qualification is from high school, then it would be impractical to apply for a job that requires a bachelor or any other tertiary educational qualifications.  

Remember now, each job requires its own qualifications and has a standardized income. And it is the income that you will need to become wealthy along with the required educational qualifications. 

With that said, you will remain in your financial turmoil. And the probability of you getting rich sounds more farfetched and the hurdles of poverty seem even more impassable to reach to wealth.

5. The Increased Standards of Living 

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The motif of poverty is more reoccurring than anything else. It lives in the sub consciousness. It’s like it is living there rent free. 

At least that is something you don’t have to pay for and you should thank your mind for this one.

Being alive is very expensive and living is not an option. One of the most important tools people use to live is money.  Money is used to accomplish everything in life and that even includes breathing.

The increased cost of living can be very expensive and draining for those you don’t have a large flux of money. So in other words, life seems to favor the wealthy and not those who are poor.

So imagine being a worker whose pay does not compensate for all your life expenses. It is not that you are living above your means. You are simply trying to survive and possibly live like those of the wealthy.

Many of us budget our pays monthly or fortnightly just to see where our finances stand.

The entire act seems heart wrenching as I am sure you want to spend your money frivolously at times and not have to think about a budget or how far the next pay day is. 

But such luxuries are not extended to the poor and when this is realized you know that becoming wealthy has to be a main goal.

However, attaining wealth would be twice as difficult unlike getting a raise of income or a new promotion at work.

So you see, when the standard or the cost of living has superseded your income- then attaining wealth is more than a breath away simply because you have too much to actually budget for than save. 

And even when you save, that money is not going to make you rich. It might be a drop in the bucket but that is all.

The pros of Investment 

Investing is good for everybody’s financial future and that includes becoming wealthy. 

Talks of investment or investing in something or someone has littered the surface of the ear when it comes to either getting an additional income or moreover, getting wealthy. 

Despite the big chunk of bite size talks, many are confused on how, who or what to basically invest it.  And for some or others-they just don’t have the money to invest.

Investing is a lucrative form or an approach in acquiring wealth. 

However, many persons are not sure or aware of the pros of investing in certain products, companies or services.

For example, on one hand, it is advised to invest in stocks and start out small financially as  you don’t want to deplete or lose any significant amount of money.

Additionally, a lot of research needs to be done to see which stock market will result in your fortune of wealth. 

One definite investment that will lead to wealth is real estate. This is because people are always looking to rent, to relocate, to go on a vacation and the list goes on. 

Tips of Investment:  Forget Greed 

When investing, do not be greedy as this will not result in wealth overnight.  Many people have stopped investing in stocks because of the lack of patience. In other words, wealth doesn’t come overnight especially if it is an investment just as how Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Tips for Investment: Be Calculative and Innovative 

And I will leave you with this tip- when you are investing- always use your own money as mentioned above in terms of totals lost and invest for long term and not short term; also, ensure that you are very innovative or crafty when trading and most of all, be very observant and make notes of the trends you see taking place or happening in the stock market. With this practise, wealth will definitely be knocking at your door. 

The Pursuit to Richness 

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Prior to reading this article, I am sure you didn’t pencil some of these factors as to why you are poor. And even after reading- the thoughts of being rich will still litter your mind. 

Sometimes we all need a little drive or something to look forward to; and if that thing is being wealthy-then go for it. This is not the famous I had a dream moment- but let’s pursue the dream of being opulent.

We are almost at the end and I am sure you don’t want a reminder as to why you are still poor and not rich. 

I am no genie or have a rabbit’s feet- but I will definitely tell how this article can or may help you become rich. Ensure you read everything with a detailed eye.

So here are the reminders to get another detailed look.

Reminder: If you are still wondering why you are not rich 

And if you are still wondering why you are not rich by the end of this- here are the possible reasons: no inheritance or generational wealth, a lack of luck, poor education, the cost of living supersedes income and simply not knowing what to invest in.

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