Why Do I stop myself from being successful

Why Do I stop myself from being successful?

As humans, we always want to be successful. We go through school or learn a skill on the side just to achieve our dreams. But why are some people more successful than we are? 

The truth is that we are the ones who prevent ourselves from becoming successful. Sometimes we have low self confidence and fear success

Success can be achieved but it takes hard work, determination and strong will. However, many people fear investing the time and work in becoming successful.

Instead, we comfort ourselves with the fact that our goals are unattainable. The truth is that we over emphasise what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in a day or week. 

Let’s discuss how some people measure success. Some people believe that if they can purchase a house or a vehicle then they are successful. 

Others may measure their success by achieving some form of education; while some may think that by owning lots of animals, they are successful.

Others might measure their level of success from doing whatever makes them happy.

Measures of Success


Happiness can be described as a state of utter contentment. Most humans desire happiness as a fulfilment and happiness is married to success. 

It is viewed that success is equivalent to happiness, but many people seem horrified by the requirements of success. 

If you want to stop limiting yourself from being successful you need to make some changes. People want to be successful and happy, but omit the hard work and dedication that is the true requirement of success. 

Financial Stability 

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What a tremendous feeling it is, to be financially stable. One can have most things they desire if one is financially stable. Several people believe that if they are wealthy then they are successful because wealth is indeed a measure of success.

They then spend their entire life with the goal of reaping wealth. Everybody’s idea of wealth is different, so we can’t give you a definite figure. 

We can only encourage you to seek wealth, but not to get too overwhelmed and greedy.

Education and Other Accolades 

This feeling of satisfaction that one desires after completion of tertiary education, there are many other factors that one could use to measure their level of success because success as we know it, doesn’t come effortlessly.

Success as we know it, can be achieved. It just takes hard work and determination and lots of sleepless nights but will definitely pay off in the long run.


Some people are well known based on the good or the bad that they have done in their lifetime; others believe that once they are associated with someone famous then they are famous too and or they will make their lives easier. 

And this will make them feel successful. They don’t mind how good or how bad the person is, once they are affiliated with such persons they feel that they are successful.

Getting Married and Having Children

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Several people believe that if they are married, they are successful. They don’t see themselves as being successful if they are not married.

Others believe that to be successful one would have to be married with children. Others view success as being able to achieve both.

Now that we’ve discussed the measures of success, let us move on to what specific things a person can do that can stop their success. 

Why do I stop myself from being successful?

Many people may ask ‘why I stop myself from being successful’, but that question can only be answered by the person themselves.

One may argue, only you and you alone can stop yourself from being successful, because success can only be achieved by the person’s desires to be successful. Success doesn’t come overnight, it’s through hard work and determination that success will be achieved.

Some people hope and pray daily for success to come their way, but they aren’t willing to put in the hard work, while others put in limited work and get fed up because they are not successful overnight, but success cannot be achieved by the blink of one’s eye. It takes hard work and dedication.


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Well in this case fearfulness can cause a lot of people to not achieve success. Some people may think that they won’t or can’t be good at anything. 

Some people are afraid of changes and will put up resistance to changes, and that will also lead to them being unsuccessful because they are afraid to try new things because they are fearful it will not be successful.

In today’s harsh economy you cannot deprive you or your successful people who are looked upon as somebody in today’s society. 

Some people may look at success as being rich or being famous or being associated with very influential persons. 

But, at the end of the day, your success depends on you and your willingness to not let fear be a factor in you not being successful. 

Possible Solutions

  1. Get a mentor 

A mentor can help with motivating you and helping you to trust yourself, propelling you towards your dreams. 

  1. Research in the field

Whatever field you would want to go into is the field you should do extensive research in. Your research will take away your fears, allow you to trust yourself and push you forward. 

Lack of Proper Knowledge

If you lack proper knowledge that can also be a contributing factor to you not being able to become successful.

Lots of people want to be successful but they lack the knowledge and proper guidance on how to become successful. There are lots of ways in which one can be educated about success. One can attend workshops and seminars that educate persons on how to be successful. 

If one yearns for success, then by any means they will work very hard to achieve success. They will want to go out and get all the knowledge they can acquire just to be successful because in essence. 

Once you’re knowledgeable about how one can become successful, then by any means one can become successful.

Possible Solutions

  1. Seek tertiary education:

If you believe having a degree, diploma or certificate is having success, enrolling in a program can help you towards gaining success. 

  1. Research in the field 

If you believe having knowledge is having success, research will be your next best bet. You have the option of focusing on one or more area.

Lack of Funding 

Having no funding plays an integral role in anything and everything, because without proper funding, one cannot achieve whatever they desire. 

And one might feel that they won’t be successful because they don’t have the funds to achieve what they desire.

A man once said “to be poor is a crime” in today’s society. Many people in today’s society face this problem of funding, whether it’s to get an education or to buy a house or even the basic things that we need. 

Some people are having difficulties accessing these things because of limited funding. Sometimes people are not in a position to get the funding, and this is a hindrance to most of them becoming successful.

In truth, lack of funding is a major setback to many people and will always be a hindrance to many people who truly want to be successful in life.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Apply for a school grant/business loan 

A loan or grant will allow you to open that business that may allow you to reach a certain wealth. Or it may allow you to pursue tertiary education to do that job that will allow you to reach a certain wealth.

  1. Trading/Investing

Investing in forex or Bitcoin or a business can allow for you to make enough wealth that matched your success goal. 

One’s Associates 

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The people you associate with can either make or break you. They can either propel you towards success or hold you back. 

This can include people who do not support you or cannot guide you. They often may tell you that what you want to do is impossible and make you give up on trying. 

There are those who are afraid to leap towards success, and project their fears on go, causing you to remain stagnant. 

When you remain associated with people like this you shoot yourself in the leg. By association, you have now stopped yourself from reaching success.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Associate yourself with supportive people 

If you associate with people who support and encourage you, it will motivate you towards your goals of becoming successful.

  1. Associate yourself with ambitious people 

If you associate with people who are always going forward in life, you may become motivated by their diligence. 

Final Comments

When all is said and done, success is your duty, it must be your desire to be successful. No one can make you successful. Success doesn’t come overnight, but with hard work and determination, one can be very successful.

When all the work is done and you are successful, it will be a wonderful feeling. So don’t hold back; let go and work towards your success. It will be well worth it in the end.

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