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Psychological Barriers stopping me from making money

Money, the reason we all exert ourselves. The almighty dollar is what holds our ambitions and desires. We dream as a kid, and as we grow up, these dreams end up in storage, and we get to keep some after we have paid our mortgage and loans. Like any other human being, I have a long wish list of things, things I want to own, and a certain lifestyle that I want. But even after all this incentive of opportunity to attain one’s dream via the attainment of money, I cannot make myself get up and earn it. Here are the reasons I think that is.

See, in the olden days earning money was done by extensive labor, and that might be difficult for me to imagine working like that. But today, when you can make it from home, I still won’t think about it. This inertia, this laziness, is the main hurdle in my quest for financial freedom. There are tons of YouTube channels that can help you learn anything from tying your shoelaces to everything about being an entrepreneur. Many people who had no idea how to earn money from home used these informative videos and now earn good money. But for me, pressing the play button on something informative is more challenging than anything in the world. 

Fear of failure

Another reason for what I think is why I can’t put myself to do a job is my fear of failure. What if I fail, I will become a laughing stock among my peers, and the loss of confidence would be devastating for me, from which I would not recover. This fear of failure makes me prone to give up quickly and not be consistent and resolute in my quest for financial freedom. This fear of failure actually stems from a lack of confidence in myself. 

Not enough time!

Another reason is that I am a student. Between studying, it is highly taxing for me to even think that I might be interested in investing my free time in a job. I would rather lie around and do nothing than make myself do another thing that I don’t like after the studies, which I obviously don’t like.

Persistence: Why’re you so averse of me?

Every new skill requires time and persistence. I want to learn new things and use them to my advantage, to make my way in the world. But the sheer patience and perseverance required to learn something new are what I think is absent in me. That new skill that can help me towards my quest for financial freedom is being pushed aside by me because of my inability to modify my behavior for my own benefit.

Get rich quick schemes

Like many others, I am a person who wants to find some scheme to make me rich overnight. I would or settle for anything less—these dreams of attaining a sum of money of a fantastic level. Control of desires is something I need to control. These unrealistic expectations never come true and are very detrimental to the confidence I try to earn money. 


As I see it, you don’t actually have to work to earn money. One such way is to invest what little savings you have and hope they get double or triple. But that is my hard-earned money we are talking about. I would rather spend it for personal fulfillment than investing it in strangers’ businesses that I know nothing about. Then there is always the risk of losing the money if the endeavor in which money invested didn’t take off. My distrust of the system and lack of taking risks is undoubtedly an important factor of why I can’t make money. 

The economy is going down!

I might be lazy, and I have my flaws which limit me from making money on the side, but the other truth is the job market is not the same as it used to be. Outsourcing the jobs to places where resources are cheap, and manpower more available has made life difficult. The corporate takeover of the economy has killed what little hope small business owners had. The economy is getting worse and worse where one can only dream of getting a good return for one’s hard work.

Not good without supervision 

I am easily distracted and not very well when unsupervised. This lack of focus always costs me dearly and leads to mediocre performance in my work.

Perfectionist: I’m not!

My lack of going the extra mile. When doing a job, it’s best to give 100% to it. This is necessary to get the job done properly and also encourages the person to strive for perfection. I find myself unable to go beyond a specific limit and hate to push myself beyond a certain limit. I rarely experience my true abilities, and I still rarely get to test my abilities in new waters. I like perfection but to work for that perfection is what I find very hard. The lack of perfection affects my quality of work and also reduces my chances of getting some work. Also is the reason for low confidence.

Bottom Line:

As for solutions, they are as clear as the problems were, but the most essential component is the will to apply them. The answer is a complete change of personality and behavior. I must analyze the value of this productive effort to earn money. What that money represents is an improvement in my savings and a source of financial freedom. 

As for risks, they are part of any well-thought scheme; almost every strategy requires a go big or go home aspect to it, which I must accept. The economy is not getting better any sooner. It is no excuse not to plunge into the market and face reality head-on.

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