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How to Make Life Easier For Others?

Being humans it should be our utmost priority to help fellow humans and it is not so difficult as our little acts of empathy can play a massive role in making a positive impact on someone’s day. A few civil actions or gestures can change someone’s terrible day into a wonderful one. Kindness and compassion are not dead yet, and that is the lesson we need to learn again and again. After all, manners, respect, and gratitude can never go out of style. Good deeds have a ripple effect as helping others and making life easier for them won’t only make them feel better but also make you feel good about yourself. Be a person people look up to whenever they are in a bad mood or in stress. 

Let’s delve into the ways we can make life easier for everybody around us

  • Put A Smile On Their Face By Putting One On Yours

It may seem lame, but that is the truth you can simply brighten up the day of people by moving your facial muscles. It is almost a reflex response; seeing you smile will make them smile back at you. 

  • A Genuine Compliment Is All That Is Needed: 

Tell the girl at a party she looks perfect or compliment the little school girl she looks terrific in her sundress or encourage the high school boy to make progress in their academics. These genuine compliments might be the only good things they hear in a while. So, be the one who is a ray of sunshine when the world is raining down on them.

  • Tell The Things Exactly How They Are: 

The worst thing you can do to someone is to waste their time by misleading them. Be direct and state the things as they are. Avoid mocking and ridiculing others for the sake of pranks. You may not find it a big deal but try to quote the things exactly how they are. You never know what the others are already going through so save them the trouble. 

  • Be A Guide To Someone Who’s Lost: 

Guide the lost and tramps finding their paths, both literally and metaphorically. Guide them in the shortest, safest, and exact way towards it. If you see someone who is confused and lost in life, guide them and suggest a way out when asked. 

  • Make A Habit For Common Courtesies: 

Try to make a habit of doing common favors for the ones who can’t possibly return them. Help an older woman hold her groceries, open the door for an aged man or help the disabled cross the road. Do good deeds for everyone without any ulterior motives. 

  • Listen More Than You Say

Mostly we listen less and speak too much, often without thinking how it might affect others. In such cases, most people are left unheard and misunderstood. Lend an empathetic ear to the needy and be there for them in this hour. Sometimes just to be present for the grieving person is all that is needed. Maintain good eye contact and listen empathetically. Your undivided attention towards them can make their day and also helps them be more confident in themselves. 

It’s not always a case where you need to advise them. Sometimes it’s okay not to say anything but listen to them. Maybe they get to a better solution by themselves once they say it all. Accept that you don’t always know the answer to peoples’ problems, so refrain from advice and suggestions. Sometimes it is because they are tired of keeping it all inside, and the people only need a kind soul who can listen to them. 

  • Be Patient In The Pursuit Of Your Ultimate Goal

Instead of making chaos and fuss, spend most of your time appreciating and cherishing the little things. Try to be calmer with everyone for example while being in a traffic line or waiting for one, try not to be loud or rude. Give space to the elders and the ones in a rush. In such moments take long breaths and try to maintain a smile on your face. 

Similarly, try to understand the plight of a stressed mother soothing her crying baby on a flight or the anxious mom ahead of you in the grocery line. It can be challenging to be compassionate in such situations, but a conscious effort can make anything possible. 

  • Appreciate More Than You Criticize

Make it a habit to say gratifying words. A simple sorry, thank you, and please can go a long way. It helps in increasing acceptance and kindness in this world filled with criticism. 

Give a break to those who are in dire need of it. It is often the case in places where gender-defined roles are a norm. For instance, your father may get his downtime after he comes from work but thinks of your mother, who never gets to relax for a simple hour. They, too, need a day off to recharge their energies. 

  • Treat Workers Nicely 

If you ever come across any worker during your day, make sure you say a bright hello to them. This greeting may not consume any of your energy, but it will surely make them smile, if only for a mere second. Be kind every day, as not every face tells his story. 

  • Don’t Judge  

Try to be more optimistic about anything passing your way. We are the best judge of our mistakes and the best critic of others’ mistakes. Why judge others when you are not even perfect yourself. We all go through so much in a day, make mistakes, commit sins, hurt others, and whatnot. But we never know how someone is overcoming their faults and regretting them. See everyone with the eye of forgiveness as your harshness may encourage their bad behavior instead of lessening it. Hence, in case of mistakes and sins, let’s leave it to them or the higher being. We all are humans, and it is best not to play gods.

  • Clean Space, Clean Hearts: 

Try cleaning your space because the tidier, clean and organized workspace can help you and your colleagues to be more productive. Put the wrapper in a bin every time you see it, and always keep tissue paper with yourself. 

  • Help Yourself To Help Others; 

Sometimes it is necessary to help yourself if you want to help others. Try to have a good night’s sleep so that you can be calmer during the day. Be mindful of the things you consume, including social media, visual media, and not just your meals.

  •  Stop Body Shaming: 

We all know how we look if we are thin, thick, tired, or pretty much anything else. Stop pointing out the tiredness on someone’s face even if you see it. Stop saying things like “OMG! You have lost/gained so much weight”. Always try to give a sincere and gentle compliment instead. 

  • Pay For Others

Do unexpected acts of kindness for a stranger. Pay their toll even when they don’t ask for it. If you see someone who seems to be worried, buy them a bottle of water. Do everything which you may expect from a stranger in the hard times. Life is too short not to spend these pennies on people for putting a positive impact. 

  • Go For Open Mic 

Feel lucky if you are gifted with a talent, try to utilize it in making people’s day as well as your own. Talents and skills deserve to be seen and appreciated either it is a soothing piece of music, a wonderful painting, some verse of poetry, or classical dance steps, every kind of art is always a good source of entertainment. It always works as a remedy for depression and anxiety.

  •  Ignoring Toxicity Is Important: 

Always remember not everything is about you, so it’s best not to take others’ actions and behaviors personally. Try not to be phased by others and don’t let their reactions affect your mood or personality in any way. Take things positively without trying to read the meaning between the lines. It will help you go through every situation and make you positive enough to create a positive and healthy environment.

Lastly, it is the need of the hour to pause and reflect on our deeds. We should be more compassionate towards everyone and understand where they are coming from. The Beatles summed it perfectly, “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” This world already has many critics and judgmental people; it won’t hurt to be the one who spreads light and holds space for fellow beings. It is fulfilling to make life easier for others than it feels. Pass on a smile, buy a meal for a homeless person, hold doors for strangers; sometimes, it is just that simple. Kindness begets kindness, and your kind act can have a ripple effect. 

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