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How can I add value to others’ life?

It is important to add value to everyone’s life, but how can we respect someone’s opinion when it is not aligned with ours? And how can we contribute to someone’s life by making them feel valued and respected? Can we ever give more than we take?

We live in a world full of conflict where our likes and dislikes, opinions, and views are unique to ours. We all want to add value to someone’s life. Most of the time, people think they’re tolerant of those who see the world differently. But let me unveil the mean side of human nature. We are only tolerant of people who think as we do, who see the world as we do. We befriend and admire those who like the same movie as we do, inspired by the same book that we enjoy, and many more. 


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Even with our friends and familial relationships, there’s a constant exchange of value. When we meet and interact with someone, we look for common grounds to connect. We think about if the person is worth spending time with? Or would this person be a perfect fit for our social circle? If we have colliding views, we lose interest in the person. We expect the other person to blend or mesh in our circle, but have we ever questioned what we have to offer? Are we willing to add value to the life of that person? 

Adding value to other’s life is simple

Though this sounds like something big and important, you can add value to people’s lives in simple ways. You can do so by listening to them, understanding their emotions, making them smile, introducing them to your social circle where they’re welcomed with a warm heart. 

You can inspire someone to take action and support them through the process. You can offer a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. When someone needs you, giving them full attention and love is the utmost reflection of the respect you have for them in your heart.

Whatever you give comes around. If you show respect to people, it will reflect through your personality and life. People will be respectful to you for valuing and respecting them. This helps strengthen the connections and relationships.

Accept and respect that nobody is perfect

If we choose to accept that nobody is perfect, look past our comfort zone and opinions and judgments, only then we can accept and respect everyone. Accepting people the way they are, loving, and respecting them for who they are, we will be creating a beautiful world. And, you can be the one leading this change in your community.


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A positive mindset leads to value addition in others life

To add value to other people’s lives is basically a mindset that you take everywhere and share with others. This can be done simply by being good, kind, and empathetic towards anyone you meet throughout your day. Though kindness breeds kindness, you shouldn’t expect people to return you the favors. The idea is to simply live up to this principle in all aspects of life: friendships, relationships, leadership, workplace, connecting with new people, or with your family. 


Leave a person better than you found him/her.

You can add value to other’s lives in many ways; some of these are as follows;

Listen to people

People have so much going around in their heads and hearts, and all they need is a patient listener. This is the basic manner to show respect to anyone. In this life full of social media hashtags, spending a few bits of your time listening to someone conveys that you value them. 


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When you pay attention to their emotions, ask deeper, open-ended questions, it shows that you care for them. They feel people are tentative to their needs and well-being. When you invest your energies in people and build relationships, you help them live their life to the fullest. 

Be kind and polite

Kindness is an expression of respect and love. In a world full of chaos, don’t be harsh on people. Rather be kind and polite. All of us struggle through our lives. You can add value to someone’s life by simply smiling at them in the morning as a goodwill gesture or make them laugh through the day. 

At your workplace, ask them if they have anything, thank them for everything, or give them compliments for their achievements. All such little acts of kindness can brighten up someone’s day, uplift them, and make them feel worthy. 


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This is important if you are having an argument and the conversation gets heated up. Sometimes, people are unable to listen or understand others’ views. At such times, don’t try to say things which you don’t like for yourself. Stay calm and respectful with people. Try to take a step back, pause, and proceed with love and kindness. 

Listen with an open mind

Listening is not about the fears and cries only. You should listen to people’s views about things, even outrageous ones, with an open mind. This gives a worldview of different aspects of the same thing. Listen to them carefully, whether you like it or not, don’t pass your critique unless they ask. 

And, don’t be impulsive or judgmental as it shuts the conservation. Be calm and positive. Invest your time not in changing their views but in learning about whom they are and what they think. Even if you disagree with them, listening to people fosters communication and brings you out of your myopic mindset. 

Find common grounds

We all are unique with our worldviews and opinions. If you disagree with them and jump to a conclusion, you will miss the chance to connect with other people. Try to understand their position before questioning the validity of their opinions.

Valuing people doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn to filter the conservation through the lens of love, and you will find something common that connects you both. This can be anything; the favorite authors you both love to read and admire, common sportsman or celebrity you are crazy about, anything! This will help build stable relationships where you can discuss your differences. 

Don’t expect anything 

Valuing people shouldn’t be based on personal interest. Today, we live in a world where people live by “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” What it means is if I do this for you, you must do this for me. However, you’d ask yourself when the last time that you offered anything out of respect to your friend or family member, without looking forward to an incentive, was?

Give them support

Supporting someone through their opinions and decisions makes them feel important. It is evidence that they are valued and respected. And for this, all you have to do is observe the positive aspects and communicate them to make them feel with respect. People love to hear positive statements about their ambitions, achievements, and even small things. 

Actions matter

You can display that you care for them through small acts and gestures. This could be as small as respecting someone’s cultural and traditional values and dressing accordingly, try a dish that one loves, or reading a book they like to understand their perspective of life. All such actions help us enhance understanding and help build a respectful relationship. One of the most popular expressions of care and love is by sending gifts. And best of the gifts is the quality time that you share.


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Workplace relationships

Adding value to the life of people shouldn’t be confined to the personal or social circle. The treat should be offered to your workplace community as well. A positive and respectful attitude at the workplace helps maintain a healthy work environment. 

You earn respect for yourself while communicating and developing an understanding with your teammates and other employees. Mutual respect increases understanding and enhances productivity. The overall positivity in the environment breeds innovation and knowledge. 

Bottom line 


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Valuing fellow human beings is the foundation of a successful society. Individuals from every family, race, religion, or country are worthy of love and respect. Caring for others’ feelings, emotions, values, ideas, and opinions is the best way to show the respect you have for them.  Show them that they are special to you. Listen to them. Reach out to them if they need anything? Make them laugh and help them live the life we get to live only once. 

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