50 signs you might be an entrepreneur

50 signs you might be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the term that has been doing rounds for quite some time now. In the simplest form, entrepreneurship is the method of establishing a business, or a sequence of businesses and scaling up for generating revenue. An entrepreneur gets some idea and creates the idea or ideas till they develop into a full-blown business with profit potential. Following are the signs of entrepreneurs.


Not everybody is a born entrepreneur

  1. You used to sell things even when you were just a kid. There are certain exceptions, however, there is a common trend in the stories of entrepreneurs who started hustling early on in their childhood. Some of the examples are listed below:
  • Warren Buffet used to sell packs of gums to the neighbor at the age of 6.
  • Daymond John sold customized pencils to girls when he was in grade one.
  • Richard Branson used to breed and sell parakeets at the age of 11.
  1. You can work solo. You are expected to spend most of your time alone, whether you are generating ideas, coping with the hurdles, traveling—you will be alone the majority of the time. If you do not mind being alone, then it is an asset.
  2. You are proactive. Barbara Corcoran, the founder of the Corcoran Group and costar of Shark Tank TV show, exclaims that the ones with a concept, not a detailed strategy have the entrepreneurship spirit. She states, “I hate entrepreneurs with beautiful business plans.”
  3. You are restless. Entrepreneurs have an itching desire to keep going and they often are restless to land a new project.
  4. You are intelligent. Intelligence implies that you have a knack to solve problems and have an extraordinary memory. US Berkeley Haas School of Business discovered that in comparison of unincorporated self-employed people with incorporated self-employed people, the category of entrepreneur ranked higher in cognitive ability and learning aptitude.
  5. You like to take charge. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk are not only successful entrepreneurs. They are also known to be the great control freaks; they had a vision and would do anything to bring their ideas to fruition. Being an entrepreneur also means explain their vision to the world. And this entails occasionally giving charge to others now and then.
  6. You are passionate. Entrepreneurs are distinguished from everyone else because of their passion. It is a passion that keeps you going when money is not coming in, you have to do the tasks that you don’t like, or you are mentally or physically drained.
  7. You are a hustler. Entrepreneurs thrive in knowing that they receive what they invest in, and they have the freedom to do it in their own ways.
  8. You don’t do well with authority and rules. After studying members of the Kairos Society, a non-profit organization that is encouraging entrepreneurship between the ages of 18 to 22, Humantelligence discovered that young entrepreneur begun their businesses because they don’t like authority and want to break the rules.
  9. You are optimistic. Entrepreneurs are optimistic, they are not afraid to level up. They believe that the more times you go to bat, the more you are expected to hit a home run.
  10. You have many ideas. You come with ideas while driving, showering, or shopping the ideas never stop flowing when you are an entrepreneur. Even if you don’t capitalize them, you might have notebooks, or word documents full of business ideas.
  11. You don’t take no for an answer. Entrepreneurs never concede. They are ready to figure out how to how to do the impossible.
  12. You are a born risk-taker. They take calculated risks daily; it only makes the natural risk-takers.
  13. You are confident. You need the confidence to believe in your dream and act, and entrepreneurs are a pro at it.
  14. You read a lot. Leaders are readers applies to entrepreneurs. If you love reading, but gaining value from every book, you are possibly an entrepreneur.
  15. You dream of the future. Entrepreneurs don’t think small. They always love to think ahead to the big picture. They have the ability to see what the future holds.
  16. You are not happy with the 9 to 5 grind. Entrepreneurs enjoy the freedom of working wherever and whenever they want. They are their own boss.
  17. You are not a fan of small stuff. If you get annoyed with the small things’ buildup., you are not alone. Entrepreneurs don’t let small things get to beyond their control.
  18. You are curious. You love asking for the why of everything. Your curiosity helps to get to the bottom so specific issues and find a new solution to address them.
  19. You think outside the box. You are innovative and a creative being. Entrepreneurs have a knack for thinking differently. They look for opportunities to fill a void and innovative ways to change the market, company, or industry.
  20. You are competitive. Entrepreneurs play to win, and they take losing seriously. Think about Mark Zuckerberg go several sleepless nights about Twitter even though he has more than 350 million users himself.
  21. You are a problem solver. Entrepreneurs are natural problem solvers. They have the ability to discover and find solutions to a problem. They are like the chess players who think numerous moves ahead while creating numerous ‘what if’ scenarios.
  22. You ask a lot of questions. After a six-year study of entrepreneurs and CEO Jeffrey H. Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton Christensen discovered that the most innovative entrepreneurs ask questions like why, why not, and what if.
  23. You are an introvert. Introverts are great listeners, work perfectly well independently, and more of an ideas person, then you probably have entrepreneurship qualities.
  24. You know the significance of hard work. Hard work is an essential principle of entrepreneurship, and every entrepreneur knows it. You are willing to put in more work than anyone in the organization.
  25. You don’t discount smart work. Entrepreneurs know that hard work and smart work go side by side, and they make a great team when coupled together.
  26. You are not scared of failure. As motivated as entrepreneurs are, they know that failure does not mean the end. They are willing to stand up and try again as many times they need to achieve their dreams.
  27. You don’t care about being liked by everyone. Humans are social beings they continually seek validation from peers, but not the entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs care for their work and are not scared to take several steps to get there.
  28. You enjoy traveling. Travelling provides several benefits. 94% of business leaders in America believe that traveling provides a competitive edge in the workplace.
  29. You are motivated to help others. Entrepreneurs are not driven by money, instead, they are motivated to help others by improving their lives.
  30. You like a good debate. Debates provide a great opportunity to learn from others and see things from different perspectives. If you like debating and get a kick from informative discussions, you have entrepreneurship quality.
  31. You love observing people. Entrepreneurs know the importance of studying human behavior, they observe people and identify their weaknesses and strengths gives you an advantage in business transactions.
  32. You don’t shy away from asking for advice. A sign of entrepreneurs is they are eager and unashamed to seek help and guidance when requires. That’s the reason many entrepreneurs have mentors for this purpose.
  33. You have an intelligent social circle. if you find yourself in more accomplished and experienced colleagues, the chance is you are an entrepreneur.
  34. You follow a schedule. discipline is an important trait in entrepreneurs and nothing shows better discipline than a strict daily schedule.
  35. You are punctual and manage your time well. Time is valuable and time management is an essential entrepreneurial skill.
  36. You see opportunity in everything and believe in every cloud has a silver lining.
  37. You research in your free time. Learning never stops for entrepreneurs, and therefore their favorite hobby is researching.
  38. You value the truth over others’ opinions.
  39. You love the thrill of new challenges, which is why you embrace challenges.
  40. You are not afraid of change. Change excites you and that’s a thriving quality in entrepreneurs.
  41. You don’t belong well in the standard education model.
  42. You always find a way to improve and make things better.
  43. You look for variety and always look for something new to spice things up and occupy tour time.
  44. You value teamwork and often collaborate with colleagues.
  45. You are fond of spontaneity and freedom.
  46. You are not anxious about the future but are hopeful about it.
  47. You are a jack of all trades. You are resourceful and skilled at various things.
  48. You are goal-oriented and set smart targets for your ideas and yourself.
  49. You want to leave a mark on the world so that your legacy lives on.


In a nutshell, not everybody is a born entrepreneur, but that’s okay. If you possess any or all of the above-mentioned signs you are possibly an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not an uphill task, especially you have most of these signs of an entrepreneur. Therefore, if you have an idea and are willing to give your best, you are already on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

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