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How to stay in control of your financial destiny?

We face numerous choices every day, and these choices impact all aspects of our lives. From money to health to career and relationships, we must deal by making a choice every time. Although several of these decisions seem trivial momentarily, after some time, they come together, pile up and ultimately shape our lives, for better or for worse.

The choice to get up early rather than hitting the snooze button. The choice to buy the perfect watch rather than saving the money. Or the choice to hit the gym rather than watching Netflix. Everything depends on the choices we make. Wherever we are in our respective lives right now is the product of all the choices we have ever made. The huge momentous decisions or small, daily ones—you’ve made it to this point in life by making the appropriate choices.

You may even think that life is just a couple of random events out of the realms of your control. However, that’s far from the truth. Sometimes unexpected things can happen to us, but most of our lives, we are in control of the choices and decisions we make.

Importance of Making the Right Choices

Financially stable people can tell you that making the right choice is simple but it can be overwhelming. You are the captain of your financial ship and decide the preferences you make in your life. Everything, from spending $50 on the scrumptious takeaway to deciding the profitable business to invest your $10k, you are the one in control of handling your money. Healthy money preferences and decisions ensure financial confidence, freedom, and momentum to make even better decisions. 

In contrast, some others can lead to average or mediocre outcomes, economic insecurity, and giving up on your financial goals. Your financial attitude determines if you can take charge of your financial destiny. You are in control of how you respond to any uncertainty. Hence, it is up to you to assess what will be your next steps. Moreover, you are even in charge of the available resources to combat any financial setback.

  • First and foremost, you must recognize that you are in control of your financial destiny, and you don’t have to be the victim of your circumstances. 
  • Next, modify your attitude to realize that you are responsible for your financial success.
  • Finally, you are expected to feel empowered enough to take the necessary steps to make your financial destiny a remarkable one.
How to stay in control of your financial destiny

Diversify Your Income Sources

If you intend to become in charge of your financial destiny, you must avoid relying on one source of income. If your day job is the single source of income, you are at the mercy of your boss for your financial safety. You must look for ways to diversify your income like try to seek various small ways to grow your assets. For example, try by starting an income portfolio, beginning some side hustle, and encouraging your partner to get a part-time job. All the little steps count in diversifying your income and making you financially confident.

When you have various sources of income, you won’t be so devastated if you lose one source of income. The multiple revenue sources can pick up some slack.

Reduce The Liabilities

When you have financial obligations, such as debt obligations, you are not entirely in charge of your financial journey. If you think thoroughly about the resources you own technically belong to somebody else. Therefore, if you want to feel independent, start working on reducing the liability so the money you earn remains at your disposal. Payback your debt as fast as you can and try avoiding a large sum of debt obligations. Concentrate on the building of value which can ensure potential returns.

Once you reduce your financial obligation, you become the actual owner of your money. Hence, you’ll be more likely to be able to gear where your money goes.

Adopt Financially Responsible Habits

Hard decisions can become easy to adopt once you make them a habit. Habits are the mannerisms we exhibit automatically or almost automatically. Curate your life with good financially healthy habits over time. Good decision-making will be programmed as your default setting. By adopting the appropriate habits, excellent outcomes will depend not only on your willpower to make intelligent choices repeatedly. This is because willpower can’t last forever. Thus, positive financial outcomes will be manifested by the strength of your positive habits.

Be Prepared for Financial Setbacks

Financial setbacks are inevitable, but you need to be ready for them. An emergency fund account can assist you in case of a catastrophic event, like a job loss, medical disaster, or natural disaster. The emergency funds, along with sufficient insurance coverage, can protect your assets and weather the financial storms with grace and preparedness. Prepare ahead for future scenarios, and you won’t be at the mercy of financial difficulties. You’ll be more in charge of the situation and that will increase your financial viability.

Essential Tips to Get You Started 

It would be best to start creating healthy outcomes in your finances by beginning to make small smart money choices. Below are some of the decisions that can help you get started; make these choices and see your financial outcomes flow and transform.

Vow To Pay with Cash and Not Credit

Credit cards and excessive shopping using the credit card debt can be highly destructive and a significant source of money-related stress. Unless you don’t get a hold on this habit, you won’t ever be able to reach your financial goals. Taper down the usage of credit cards and make necessary sacrifices whenever and wherever required to pay with hard cash. This will help you be mindful of the expenditure. You’ll at least be hesitant to hand over the bulk money on unnecessary stuff.

Think Long Term and Spend Accordingly

People are tempted to make less than optimal decisions in the present because we are not or don’t want to see the consequences and impact of our choices in the future. You may think buying a latte worth $5 every day won’t hurt anyone. But think ahead! The future cost of your everyday latter would be $1,825 annually or $18,250 over the next ten years. So you need to realize the wonders of compound interest to the amounts if you invested the daily five bucks.

Planning ahead and thinking long-term keeps everything in perspective. From your caffeine habit to deciding you’ll sacrifice a percentage of your monthly income for superannuation.

Get Your Superannuation in Place

If your superannuation is all over the place, you must commit to sorting it all into one fund. Based on the number of accounts, it can be extremely painful to arrange everything. In addition, all the numerous fees can drain your funds and will eventually disrupt your retirement outcome. Therefore, super funds are here to the rescue and make it easy to find and fix the lost accounts. 

Invest Smartly—It Is Not As Hard As It Looks

The gateway to real wealth-building is investing in a sensible yet achievable business. The time it takes you to get started investing will eventually determine your financial growth and success in the years to come. In addition, it will decide whether you’ll be financially independent or struggle through your financial journey. Whether you have thousands of dollars to get started or merely a few hundred, make the right choice to begin today.

Choose The Appropriate Money Mindset

Your financial mindset and attitude have a direct impact on your financial outcomes. A wrong attitude about money could be the reason you wind up in the same financial frustrations always. Financial goals are achieved not merely through key strategies, but it requires transforming your attitude and adapting to a sensible money mindset.

Key Takeaway 

Financial matters can be overwhelming and challenging to deal with. You may feel frustrated and stressed out with the way you are handling your finances. In such circumstances, you are worried about staying in charge of your financial destiny. No matter where you are in your financial journey right now, you can control your financial future by adopting several sensible and implementable strategies—making the appropriate, and smart choices can ease your financial troubles and set you on the road to a healthy financial journey. Try to diversify your sources of income to generate adequate funds to sustain you through your months. 

Moreover, reducing financial liabilities in the form of credit card debts can be beneficial in the long run. Avoid shopping with credit cards. This will help you stay focused. Be conscious and have an appropriate money mindset, as the choices you make today will determine your future. It is better to plan, keep a saving account and sort your retirement finances through appropriate superannuation. Finally, it is certainly possible to control your financial destiny if you are mindful and smart with your finances today.

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