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What reasons do I give for not making more money?

You can only make more money when you do more. Many times we give excuses why we can’t do more or why we will not do more, but we still hope to make more money. That is not impossible. You must work to make more money. In this article you’ll learn the common reasons people give, in form of excuses, as to why they cannot do more- and by extension, earn more. You will also learn the way out of those excuses so that you can go on to make more money.


Outlined below are 8 common reasons people give for not making more money. The list is limited as there may be many more reasons. Most of the times these reasons are flimsy, they include:

REASON 1: I am afraid to start; what if I fail?

We gain experience by failing. One habit of very successful people is that they fail and learn from their failures. Do not be scared to take on that extra job. Chances are, that you might fail but even if, make the most out of those failures. Learn from them. Grow from them. Grow your income from them. 
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The way forward:  stop making assumptions, try that business first and see the outcome. If you fail, learn from your failures and move to another. Do this, until you get the perfect side job for you. You might even succeed at your first try. If you let fear rule you, you’ll never start anything profiting.

REASON 2: I don’t have the time; I am too busy with my primary job

You can always create time. You are too busy because you tell yourself you are. Most of the time, you tell yourself you are too busy but in reality you are doing nothing, sometimes, busy doing what is not profiting.
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The way forward: Try to schedule your time by creating a to-do list this way you’d be able to tell when you have spare time. You may want to drop some of your daily activities that are not worth your time. After working out time and you find out your spare time is small you may want to look out for side jobs that wouldn’t take much of your time- maybe an hour or less daily. Also, if you do not have time during the week there are some side hustles you can take on that you could work on only on weekends or days when you’re not working on your primary job.

REASON 3: I am overworked

Sometimes we use the fact that we are overworked as a justification for not taking up an extra job that would bring us more money. Truth be told, we are all overworked. In this generation, we are overworked from our primary jobs to replying mails to browsing the web. Even our so-called leisure activities, at times, overwork us.
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The way forward: take a look at the activities that overwork you, some of them may just not be worth your time and energy. Drop those activities. Take on activities that would rather bring you more income. Income-producing activities are the activities worth your time and energy.

REASON 4: I am still planning; I don’t have all the ideas yet

Maybe the side hustle you are trying to take on to bring you more money is a business that requires structure. Fine! You’ll need to plan before starting out. But take note that waiting for everything to fall in line may take forever. You don’t need to have all the ideas. Most times just the start-up and basic operations idea is sufficient enough to start up with.
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The way forward: things almost never become perfectly lined out – know this. Planning is good but quit the excess planning. Stop being perfectionist, if not you will never start up. Take up that side job so you can start making additional money. The best time to start is now!

REASON 5: I can’t work unsupervised

Not all side jobs require you working unsupervised. Even if you’d have to work alone, you’ll have to learn how to work unsupervised because even in an organization, team spirit is not the only required quality to perform well, independence is also a required quality.
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The way forward: discipline yourself!

REASON 6: I will… maybe later

Procrastination is indeed a thief of time and resource. Oftentimes, when we think of starting out a side job we often postpone. We might say ‘after all, I still have a salary from my daily job, so I don’t see the need to take on a side job yet’. The thing with procrastination is that you’ll keep postponing and postponing, the right time will never come.

The way forward: if you want to take on a side job, why not now? Now is the best time to start. Quit saying ‘I will’. Start now!

REASON 7: it is too risky

You may be someone that chooses investing as a means of making more money. But then you feel investment is risky and you’re scared of investing your money and time. You must take risks in order to make more money. Even your primary job is a risk because you might lose your job anytime. So, why not take that risk?

The way forward: if you don’t take risks you will likely not make more money. Take calculated risks and watch your money grow.

REASON 8:  there is no inspiration or motivation to take on an extra job

Sometimes we feel we need motivation to take on an extra job. Yes, you need motivation to do anything in life. But, the motivation or inspiration might not come just yet. You just have to push yourself. Motivation and inspiration might not come until you start working. 

The way forward: Forget about getting inspired or motivated just start and see yourself being motivated and inspired too. Sometimes, money motivates. Start that side job and you might be just motivated when you see that you are making profit.


Excuses will always arise. The best way to get rid of these excuses is to start now. Look at the big picture – what you stand to gain. Take on that side job, invest your time and money and wait for your returns.

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