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If someone were holding a gun to my head and they told me to generate $250 of additional income by tomorrow at midnight. What would I do?


Everybody wants to have a source of income to earn fast and easy money in this economy. However, it can be a significant challenge to make extra money on your terms and time, especially in emergencies. In times like these, even the most basic skill can come in handy. There are numerous market research companies and small-scale commercial projects that can facilitate you in earning some quick cash, based on the level of your skills.

Basic Simple Strategies to Generate Quick Money

If you are ever in a hypothetical situation and held at gunpoint to make $250 urgently, these tips can save your life.

  • Participate in Surveys

Paid survey platforms offer regular surveys, often related to daily subjects, reviews, and opinions. They offer cash and points to the participants, which can be converted to monetary rewards. Popular platforms like Mindswarms, Swagbucks, LifePoints, and Opinion Outpost offer valuable rewards on an hourly basis.


This site will pay you to give your opinion. It pays off about $50 per opinion and is very quick for each survey. You can do it multiple times per day to get your desired money. You have to upload a video showing your face while explaining your opinion about different questions. It will take 10 minutes utmost to answer those questions.

  • The signup is super easy so if you need to generate an income urgently, it is a good option.
  • Create a profile
  • Apply for studies
  • Record a video
  • Answer questions in your language
  • Earn $50 for each video. Payment is done through PayPal that makes it safest and legit websites to earn some extra bucks. Payment is made within 24 hours after survey completion.

The positive reviews and recommendations on this site depict its authenticity.


This site does not require your face or video like some other sites, you just have to type your answers, so you can do this on your phone from anywhere in the world. It is quick and simple as you have to

  • Sign up
  • Take online surveys
  • Get paid

There are other rewards as well like Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, etc. They also give awards up to $10,000 to random users on their site as a thank you for being a part of this site. The testimonials and reviews are positive thus can be a source of urgent income.


Swagbucks is one of the biggest paid through the site and it has different ways for you to earn. You can earn by completing tasks, surveys, cashback, and more. You have to sign up for the site first. There are different offers displayed on the front page, Select anyone that seems interesting to you. A disclaimer tells you exactly what you need to do to complete that task, how much time you have and how much will you earn.

  • Upload Files Online and Get Paid

In urgent situations, primary internet users can easily earn some quick bucks by simply uploading books and files on specific websites. Uploadship and Plrmines are popular websites that help you make fast money by uploading ebooks to their portal.

You have to sign up free and fill in some personal details to register. You need to upload files in their database and every time someone downloads this file you got paid. You can get these files by searching “Free PLR downloads” to get these files especially ebooks free and upload on “” to get money. By doing this over and over again you can earn $25 per day.

  • Affiliate Monetization Through Yazing

Yazing is an easy affiliate monetization source for beginners, new online promoters, micro-influencers, and influencers. It is a simplified take at affiliate marketing association between you and the brands. You can choose a brand that you want to promote and share on your Facebook and Twitter handles for broader outreach.


It takes one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world like clickbanks as it organizes all the different products from all the different market places. That shows the bestselling products in the click bank means these products are making hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. There are different categories of items and you get paid for each sale.

  • Go to the Clickbank
  • Type category and click on it
  • Generate hop links. This is the link that anyone clicks in and goes and buys this product, you are going to make money.

The secret of affiliate marketing is to find the traffic as you have to paste the hop links to that site. For example Pinterest is one of the sites with good traffic and they allow affiliate links so that’s make affiliate marketing much easier.

  • Basic Computer Skills

If you have beginner-level computer usage skills, you can get paid by offering your typing and clicking skills. Various companies require users to generate more clicks, perform basic copy-pasting tasks, typing words and add more accounts on their platforms.

  • Sell Your Talents

You can pitch your talents; submit unique and creative names and logo designs to companies. Platforms like Squadhelp help you earn cash awards when your idea is successfully sold to the hiring companies.

This site connects people who are creative with actual business owners you are looking to for logo creators, tagline creators, and brand creators. So you can be someone who gives ideas about taglines and logo and can make pretty good money making by it. You have to submit an entry to the squadhelp contest.

  • Text Links

Text Links are basically how the websites and blogs are linked together seamlessly. Several businesses, companies, and websites sponsor a hundred bucks and more to incorporate an external link to the blog on your website. The article should be relevant to the external website, which is why they sponsor and pay you

  • Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are similar to the text links—a third party pays you for the blog linking back to the parent website. Oftentimes, the article is also supplied by them, while other times, you are invited to write an article relevant to the sponsoring website and add a link back to the original site. This way can help you earn $100-250 initially, and later when the traffic is increased, you can make over $1000 for a single article.

  • Display Ads

A third-party business is willing to pay you for allotting the advertising space to them on your website. It can either be a monthly fee or on a pay-per-click basis. It is a lucrative way of earning if the site has a handsome amount of traffic. The only task you must perform is to place the ad on your blog.

  • Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a skill that can help you earn several bucks depending on your expertise and expression. It does not even require a personal blog; you only need to be the master of writing and willing to sell your work to the blog and website owners. Accomplished and advanced writers can quickly generate $250-$500 for each article.

  • Coaching and Tutoring Services

Talented and experienced people can generate extra money by providing tutoring and coaching services to students and beginners. Teachers and tutors can easily make a few hundred bucks by offering coaching classes to individuals or groups of students. There are multiple platforms on the web that pays you for providing your expertise.

  • Create and Sell Courses Online

In a modern economy, people are in continuous search to enhance and update their skills. An affordable online course can help these people achieve their goals. If you are a skillful person, just create a course that displays your knowledge and command on the subject, and you are good to go.

  • Video Editor

Video editing is a great skill in this digital era. You can be paid several bucks by offering your expertise to the influencers and content creators. An eye to the details like sounds, graphics, music, and special features can add to your appeal and profile. Video editors can sell their work on freelance platforms like Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr, by listing their services on their profiles.

The above-mentioned ideas help you to earn $250 a day online, but there are probably more. The skills are wide-ranged, varying from beginners to advanced level users. The list has been limited to the top easy strategies to make legal and credible money. All these skills have proven to be a great source of quick income.

On that note, valuable skills can often turn into a good source of income generation. Usually, the quick money-generation ideas of this kind can eventually transform into the primary occupation. That is how it has turned out for many of the influencers. Choose a skill, engage, and commit to it, and you are good to become another success story in this digital era.

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