The problems humans have are inexhaustible. These problems are seen in many aspects of life. Sometimes, these problems people have may not be noticed by others, as they may be masked in beautiful clothes, pretty smiles or an expensive lifestyle. This is because problems vary from one person to another. While one person may be going through a financial crisis may be masked in a pretty smile another may be going through a relationship crisis and is clad in beautiful clothes

While it is most likely we ourselves are going through one problem or the other, which may be great or small, it is important to help other move past their problems. This is because helping others to a large extent is a way of helping ourselves. It helps make us feel good and thus creates a connection between us and the essence of life itself.



Everybody can be problem solver irrespective of class, financial status, strength, academic qualification etc. We can help by giving out money if we can to someone going through a financial crisis. We can also give out our time, energy and ideas. Sometimes, just your listening ears and shoulders for someone to cry upon can be so great a help.

Below are some of the categories of problems people have in life and some of workable ways you can help them through them:

  1. Financial problems

This is probably one of the most common problems people face. Financial problems may arise from lack or loss of primary source of income, indebtedness, extravagance, lack of savings etc. while these problems may be self-incurred, their occurrence in many cases may be uncontrolled e.g. financial problems resulting from loss of a job or that as a result of an unexpected expense made. People may go into depression and may be even suicidal when faced with financial problems.

How to help

  • Give a cash gift no matter how little it may seem.
  • Help with some bill payment
  • Provide them with employment, if you have the means.
  • Offer advice on the importance of savings and financial planning.
  • Help the create a budget
  • Offer services that would make them cut cost etc.
  1. Relationship problems

People may have problems in their relationships with friends, families, spouses, fiancé, fiancée, etc. These problems arise from complications and misunderstandings in course of the relationship. You can help people solve their relationship problems but you have to be very careful because mistakes such as giving the wrong advice may destroy the relationship.


How to help

  • Listen but try not to give direct advice.
  • Never make conclusions based on a one-sided story, remember you’re there to resolve the issue and not to discover who the villain is in the issue.
  • Ask questions but try not to pry. Ask questions that would help you understand the problems
  • Offer feedbacks and suggestions.
  1. Health problems

Health problems vary from simple to complicated ones. These problems may be as a simple as body pains from strenuous physical activities or complications with risk of death. Most commonly, health problems people face that you can help with include: nutrition related health concerns (obesity, underweight, etc.), substance abuse, mental issues, injury, viral infections and diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS), etc.

How to help

There are different ways you can help solve their health problems, depending on the health problems. Generically, these are ways you can help irrespective of the specific health challenge

  • Be supportive- offer specific help.
  • Ask them to visit a health facility; strongly advise against self-medication.
  • Encourage them to hang on- especially if the problem is life threatening.
  • Send them notes and cards
  • They need people around, visit when you can.
  1. Emotional Crisis

Emotional crisis affects various aspects of life. People with emotional crisis need as much help as possible. Emotional crisis may lead to health complications and general decline in performance. People going through this, most times, are withdrawn from people and activities, and may be suicidal. Intervening in cases of emotional crisis should be done early so as to prevent these crises from turning into emergencies.

How to help

  • Talk with them.
  • Always show them how much you care
  • Assist them any way you can
  • Treat them respectfully and with dignity.
  • Help them source for information on self-care.
  1. Existential crisis

At times, people wonder about the essence of their lives – for what purpose they live. While this may be normal, it may result in a crisis in some people, especially when they are unable to find those answers they seek. At this stage, this may lead to depression, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other mental-related complications. People may be able to go through existential crises on their own but when it gets to a point and it won’t go away it is best to offer assistance.

How to help

  • Listen to them
  • Make them realize in words that ‘it’s okay not to have all the answers’.
  • Give them reassuring words. Tell them how meaningful life is.
  1. Academic/career crisis

Crisis may occur as a result of academic difficulty and stress. These difficulties may occur as a result of personal pressures or pressure from academic work. Academic crisis if not handled properly may lead to depression. Academic crisis can be dealt with through adequate preparation on the part of the student but it is best dealt with through help from someone.

Similar to academic crisis is career crisis. Career crisis is usually observed as lack of motivation, lower efficiency, anxiety etc. it occurs due to many reasons, most commonly due to crash of expectations and slow career growth. This too can be handled with help from someone else.

How to help

  • Use optimistic language when talking with them
  • Talk with them regularly to find out how they are coping
  • Let them know you’re there for there
  • Refer them to a counselor.


People have myriads of problems they need others to help them with. You do not have to have it all before you be in a position to help. You just have to be human- a human with sympathy and listening ears.

Some other problems people have that you can help them solve include:

  • Confusion
  • Haunting past
  • Spiritual problems
  • Safety and security
  • Grief from loss
  • Fear
  • Decision making, etc.

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