To what do you attribute your success?

Success has a different definition for different people. Some people see financial achievements as their success. For some, it means getting higher ranks, trophies, a pleasant state of health or simply having a peaceful life. Whatever definition or meaning it has, success never comes on a silver platter. There is always something that is attributed to our success. It can be something financial, any skills, human resources, or anything else that helps in our growth and success. Some of the factors that can attribute to your success are mentioned below:

Attitude towards Mistakes:

Mistakes are like some initial steps on the journey to success. Success should not be assumed as a simple line from A to B. There are many ups and downs during this journey. Without getting comfortable making mistakes, a person can never become successful. Hearing negative self-talk after making a mistake isn’t being kind to yourself, and it’s better to say something like “never mind, try again.” When a successful person makes a mistake, he learns from it and tries to move on. He sees his mistakes and errors in a positive light – an experience that provides him with an opportunity to learn.


Willingness for Consistent Learning:

There must be a genuine desire or willingness to learn to become a successful person. Success in business or any certain field can be learned step by step. You must be willing to learn from every person and every situation. There is an opportunity to grow and move forward, offered by each experience. One can never know everything in life. There is always room for learning new things. With the advancement of technology, learning has become much easier. You just have to take the first step or initiative to learn. Different informative books can be downloaded directly from Kindle. YouTube also offers thousands of free videos that can help you succeed in your desired field if you have a willingness for consistent learning. This desire for learning helps you get new ideas and inspiration. It will ultimately allow you to enjoy not only success but longevity in your career.

Leadership Skills:

Strong leadership skills, like a teacher and mentor, are the key to success. First, make a strong team and support its growth and mobility. Monitor your decisions, priorities, and plans to achieve a vision. Then create an environment of trust where you can speak up and take action if others are being treated inappropriately. Acknowledge the support and contributions of every person. Convey respect, integrity, and professionalism in your interactions with the team members. Put them at ease, understand them and respond calmly, even in difficult situations. By doing so, people feel confident in taking ownership of their work and results. They, in turn, will make you a successful person. Even if they do not seem to be helpful, provide them with productive and timely feedback. They will eventually help you and your organization meet the desired goals.

Learning from Failures:

Learning from your failure largely attributes to success. It allows you to evaluate what worked or what did not go beyond success. Never take failure as a bad thing, learn from it and make it an opportunity to improve yourself. It improves your critical thinking, allowing you to consider an option you wouldn’t have if you succeeded on the first try. Experiencing failures often helps you gain new insights, skills and visions. You may achieve your goal in a second attempt, or it may take a few more attempts. Successful people are very stubborn. They are never willing to go down without a fight. You’re going to face many obstacles and failures during your journey to success. The key is to never give up and turn your failure into success by simply trying again and again. Let yourself fly through the steps much easier than the first time you did. Determination and focus often go up after hurdles and failures, both of which are strong qualities in achieving success.


Flexibility helps to face challenges and leads you to opportunities that you never thought you’d experience. It helps to re-organize your schedule when you encounter unexpected situations without having to fret over the details. A person becomes successful when he continuously learns and adapts himself to the ever-changing new technology. Companies like Netflix and Amazon are successful because they care about the public’s needs and demands. People want to have different things at different times, and if you can offer flexible services, you’re more likely to have a successful journey. Technology is moving and developing rapidly, but it is important to keep up with everything you can. Then pass the acquired knowledge off to your team members. Develop a habit of listening to your team members about what’s trending. This helps to keep you aware of the field and technology that changes every few months. Businesses that adhere to technological, economical, or social changes have an increased chance of getting successful.


Smart Work:

Doing smart work has a great contribution to making someone successful. Smart people take care of their physical health first and foremost. They never overwhelm themselves, and instead, focus on doing things smartly. If they find their mind wandering and stressing over the work they have to do, they take a short break. When their head is normally clear of any worry, they go back to focus on their work. On the other hand, some people work 18 to 19 hours a day, but they are unable to reach a point where they can call themselves successful. It’s not about the amount of work you do, it is about how smartly you are doing it. If a person finds a way to complete a 16-hour job in just 4 hours, he can become successful soon. So, working smarter than working harder requires minimum effort, but it undoubtedly attributes to success.


Persistence has always been an important quality that helps you achieve success. A person faces countless difficulties when he starts his journey towards success. If he shows strength and persistency, nothing can stop him from achieving his goals. A successful person is highly passionate, and he believes in himself and his vision. It’s common to have some kinds of doubts, but that doesn’t mean giving up easily. Many companies fail to achieve their desired success simply because people lose their hopes. Things often take longer than expected, and unexpected problems arise when you least expect them. That is why persistence is the key. Persistence should not be understood as trying the same thing over and over again. It means using your creativity and laser-focused vision to do almost anything to help you succeed. You should have a personal approach, passion, dedication, and positive thinking that failure is not an option.

Talented Employees:

The reason for your success mainly depends on hiring fantastic and talented people who are committed to making the business successful. Strong leadership skills will help to move your business to the next level. As a smart leader, you must hire people smarter than you in their respective areas. Dedicated employees are goal-oriented and are more likely to strengthen any qualities they need to improve. They have a passion for their work and strongly believe in their abilities to manage different tasks. Reliability is another important quality that your employees must-have. If your employees are reliable, you will be sure that the work will be completed, and it will be done well. They can complete the given tasks without much supervision. They produce high-quality work, consistently meet deadlines, show eagerness to take on more significant responsibilities, and are always ready to take any initiative when needed. In short, it would be unjust to exclude the role of these talented employees in success.


Last but not the least, self-belief plays a key role in making a person successful. People need to understand that their brains always work against them by creating fears and self-doubts. The biggest hurdle in a person’s success is his lack of faith in himself, his products, his ideas and ability to achieve goals. The only way to overcome these fears is to have a firm belief that you have an inner potential to achieve anything in life. Self-belief builds your confidence and eventually gets you to the peak of your career.


Success is not simply a matter of luck. It’s quite exciting and easy to have a dream of becoming a successful person but reality is different. Success demands your time to learn a specific skill or trade, applying your knowledge and sticking with it – even when there are potential failures along the way. Successful people are able to turn their dreams into reality by working very hard and passionately. These people work in many fields or areas, but they have almost the same character traits which help them in getting successful. The above-mentioned are a few traits that have played a great role in making me successful.

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