Questions To Ask Someone You Admire About Their Job

Why Would You Ask These Questions?

To admire someone means to highly favor that person, it could be that someone is impressed in the way they go about doing simple things. Or they can either admire them in a sense that they are physically attracted to that person as well as solely having much respect for that person. There could be a number of reasons why someone admires another person. 

When you admire someone everything they say and do fascinates and impresses you. Persons portray a number of their characteristics everyday and if they are closely observed you may see a great deal of how many there are. Whether it be responsibility, honesty or their resilience to strive everyday. 


That is how admiration is developed; by taking a closer look into someone’s everyday life and how they communicate and treat others around them. 

Admiration for someone may result in them being your idol. Someone you look at and say, “ I want to be like that when I’m older”, or “ I want to do what she does”.  Liking what someone does for a living or as their profession may lead to many questions. 

In an encounter with your idol you may want to ask pretty personal questions such as they’re favorite movie and favorite holiday. The answer to those questions will not do anyone any good.

The questions that should be asked are to be used sooner or later as guidelines to the desired path in life. These questions are to be thought over keenly before asked, because the answers will be worth a lot as it relates to one’s life on a whole. 

There are many questions that may need to be answered and they are asked so you may have a personal guide book in life to ensure the right decisions and paths are taken. 

Persons have made awesome life choices without a guide to show them the right from the wrong, however, everyone would prefer better odds, wouldn’t they? 


What Questions Do You Ask 

Great curiosity and an overpowering feeling of excitement will be the first emotions felt, and this will result in a multitude of questions. However, the right ones have to come first, and think about them beforehand. 

If the feeling of being overwhelmed has become a problem and causes lack of reasoning to form suitable questions if met with the opportunity. A few questions that can be considered are as follows. 

  1. What Are Your Aspirations Before And After This Job?

This question can reveal a lot and also give an insight of how their job in particular has impacted their life. 

Their aspirations really don’t have to be the same, however it helps when the outcome is the same, doesn’t it?

It can also bring to light how their mind works and go about achieving the goal that you too wish to achieve later in life, which is something that should be of interest to you. 

  1. How Has Your Job Impacted Your Life?

This specific question was brought up in question one and it is very important that this is thought about in a great deal.

Within everything we do as humans, we do hope for a change; hope for an impact. That change that we wish for ourselves is always on a positive side. Though there are odds of change being quite negative. 

Once you are passionate about your job you will allow your life to be positively fixed. All while contributing a good attitude to the work environment. 

  1. How Do You Impacted Your Job?

Everything around us can be an impacting factor in the same way that your life can be impacted by your job, it is the same for you to alter your job once you allow it to be an impacting factor. 

It is very simple to change the work environment. Making it a very amicable and stress free environment. Which does eventually boost work quality, bring comfort in the workplace, says a lot about your working environment and improves a lot also. 

Small gestures like buying a birthday gift and coffee in the mornings can soften persons with unfriendly exterior. 

Simple morning greetings and farewells are also a great way to start. Try it and surprise yourself at how far this technique carries the vibe of the workplace. 

  1. What Was Your Time at School Like In Comparison to Your Job?

This is the first thing to ensure is done right before entering the work field. Education is like a seed that is sown, that later grows and blossoms into a tree that you may consider a dream job. 

If a good seed is not sowed the end result will be very disappointing. 

If the seed is not watered and taken care of overtime there won’t be any trees. 

Therefore meaning if education is not taken seriously no practice and studying will be done resulting in no jobs; at least not the one you were passionate about. 

Thus making the time spent at school very crucial and essential to becoming Like that person you liked so much. 

  1. Is Your Job Worth The Time Spent At School?

Some people do spend quite a long time at school and then finish school and start to work immediately. After spending years of learning and studying and finally achieving the qualifications to apprehend the job you wanted, only to be met with a chaotic workplace you would’ve never thought would be your place of work after studying for years. 

To know the field of work you want to do in life is one thing and knowing the type of working industry someone you admire has taken on can be very informative to you. 

  1. How Did Your Attitude In School Contributed To Your Job?

As stated before, education is the first thing that has to be done right in order to be successful within anything you do. 

Educators can do their very best in making sure they teach a class full of barren minds in hopes of what was taught being used to apprehend a mind so green and lush it blooms into a flower. 

However, the teacher can do so much and no more if the student is not willing to learn. The same attitude that is normally shown towards school work will be the same attitude shown to the work you do for a living. It is best to start from a young age in being goal oriented in anything you do your utmost best with everything you come across. Practice makes perfect, isn’t that right?

  1. Steps That Were Crucial To Accomplish This Job

Not everyone has the same approach for any given situation they might have come across as an obstacle or difficulty.  There are quite a few things to take into consideration when thinking about how a goal will be met or accomplished. Different approaches do work for different people, everyone’s bodies and minds do work differently and that shouldn’t matter. 

The only thing that should matter is what works best for you as an individual. It is always great to have an idea of how someone else has done what you wish to do too. If their life’s stepping stones are just what you presumed to have done and seems rather sensible there’s nothing wrong with giving it a chance. 

Life is all about choice and risks, and it is up to every individual to make the right ones to attain their dream jobs. 

8. Were you a part of any professional associations?

Professional organizations and memberships are a terrific way to connect with people in your field and learn more about it. To increase your professional network and increase your exposure in the sector, think about joining the associations that your interviewee suggests.

9. What can I be doing to develop my career prospects?

The likelihood is high that the person you’re interviewing participates in the evaluation of applicants or helps out at some other point in the hiring procedure. To stay competitive as your career progresses, find out what they are looking for in a candidate during an interview or on a résumé.

10 . What do you do to push through your worst times?

Questions to ask people about their pain points are useful. Anyone who upholds high standards knows that life is rarely a piece of cake. You can be inspired to keep moving forward by asking someone how they overcame difficult circumstances.


Your admiration for someone can sometimes drive you to want to be precisely like them and it is possible and a great life goal to be just like that person, isn’t it? 

There are many qualities and characteristics that could be used to describe the person you admire, and you may be able to go on for hours. 

Try to always see yourself in the same light as the person you admire, it’s a great start.

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