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Being rich entails having money in abundance, not only to meet your needs but also to meet the needs of others without going through distress. It is the desire of everyone to make wealth, to be able to afford the kind of lifestyle we desire. We all desire to be able to afford whatever we want. In summary, we desire to attain financial independence. 

Getting rich is not far-fetched. People build wealth from nothing, meaning you too can. You just need to be disciplined and also take the right step towards attaining financial freedom. If you do what you are meant to do to make wealth diligently, not only would you be rich, but you would become rich, quick and realistically so. Although, quick here isn’t referring to a day, a week or a month, but trust me, it’s a short period of time. Truth be told, wealth doesn’t just come overnight except it’s an inherited one, a won one (as in a lottery) or maybe one obtained by some form of mystery or ‘miracle’. Nothing actually comes easy. Richness too. Consistency, hard work, determination, patience together with doing the following will help you get rich in no time.

1. Invest

Invest. Making right investment choices is one good thing that can happen to any one that hopes to get rich speedily. There are many ways one can invest their money. Real estate, stocks, foreign exchange (FOREX), buying shares and bonds are few of the many ways one can invest their money. Until very recently due to market instability, cryptocurrency trading was a very good investment option. 

While investing your money into businesses, ideas and markets may be a way to make you rich, it can also make you go poorer that you used to be. It is important for one to have a perfect idea of what one is investing their money in in order not to encounter losses. Before making any investment choice it is necessary to consult experts who know about that particular investment option.

2. Invest again

Invest in knowledge. Expand your knowledge horizon. Get books on financial intelligence and read them. Attend lectures, seminars, webinars etc., on financial intelligence. Listen to podcasts, take courses. All these may cost you a lot but in the long run, you stand to gain more than you’ve spent and you’d also be put on a path towards wealth. 

Knowledge indeed is power, and financial knowledge, financial power.

Ignorance is a killer of anything good. For you to really make money in times like these you have to stay awake and aware and to do that you must invest in knowledge. 

3. Invest again and again.

Invest in change. To get rich quickly, you have to be making some lifestyle adjustments. Are you that guy that goes on luxury shipping every Saturday just because he feels like it? Or perhaps that lady who spends hundreds of dollars on expensive hair extensions? Or maybe the guy that balls his friends on Friday nights spending tons of money on drinks and cruises? You may want to consider making some lifestyle adjustments if you are in any of these categories or if you have any extravagant money-wasting indulgence. This money you spend, unaccounted for, can be put back into many other things like personal development, financial investment etc. Making lifestyle adjustments so as to save more money is investing in yourself.

4. Invest more

Invest in your skills. As someone with a goal of getting rich quickly, you must never get tired of investing. Acquire new skills and upgrade the ones you already have. Try to be the best in whatever you do. Always make it a point of duty to invest in your skills as this may be your meal ticket – or rather, wealth ticket.

It is a habit of successful people to invest the different kinds of resources they have in self-improvement. 

5. Take calculated risks

Every means of making money requires taking some form of risk. Whether you hope to make money from investing or from your own business, you must be a risk taker. Risks are in different degrees. Irrespective of the kind of risk you want to take – whether big or small- it must be calculated. You must make sure that the possible outcomes of making crucial money-making decisions are deeply evaluated and thought out deeply, so as to decide whether or not a financial decision is worth it. It is foolish to rely solely on luck when it comes to risk taking, requiring your money.

6. Save

A wise man one said: “earn all you can, [and] save all you can, … as long as you can”. To make wealth you must inculcate a habit of saving and do so diligently. You must learn to treat your savings as money you shouldn’t just dip into whenever you feel like. Saving requires discipline! To benefit from saving, make saving goals and work toward them. Your savings should be done preferably in the bank with a withdrawal option of only when you’ve met your target amount. 

7. Save more.

To become quickly rich, you must make sure you save more. How do you achieve this? By cutting down on your expenses. You must learn to live below your means and not above your means. Make sure you are not making unnecessary expenses. If possible, track all your expenses by keeping record of them, this way you would know which you should do away with. Remember the goal is becoming rich quickly? So, give up unnecessary spending. When you get rich, you can then buy whatever you want. Cutting down your expenses affords you more funds to be put into savings.

8. Live debt-free

Debt is slavery. Living with debts and becoming rich are two contradicting possibilities. A debtor cannot be rich because what he has is not his’ and can easily be taken away. Debt is like spending money you don’t have – it is living above your means! If you’re really going to get rich soon, do pay off your debts and try not to amass more.

Asides the 8 points written above there are so many other things you must do, some not directly linked to money but they’d definitely determine whether you’d get rich sooner or not. They include:

  1. exercise patience
  2. be a good planner
  3. track your finance
  4. make bold moves
  5. start a business
  6. exercise gratitude 
  7. Give

If you take these wise steps and do so diligently, then you’re on your way to making money that would qualify you as a rich person real soon.

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