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We shy away from work and other activities they are supposed to participate in, for reasons like disinterest, lack of motivation, lack of ability to work or participate in the activity, lack of resources to carry out the activity, mental stress, boredom, laziness, etc. Of all these reasons laziness is characterized by unwillingness to do work despite physical, mental and emotional ability. Someone who is disinterested or not motivated to carry out a task or activity is said to lack the emotional drive or emotional ability to carry out the task, but a lazy person is just disinclined from doing the activity despite having the ability. Similarly, a mentally drained person or a bored person lacks the mental ability to do work, but a lazy person despite having the mental ability is unwilling to work. So it is safe to define laziness as the disinclination from work despite ability to do work.

This is as a result of various reasons ranging from lack of self-esteem, lack of interest in an activity or lack of discipline arising from ill self-confidence, etc. Lazy people generally tend to do things that excuse them from actual work and even when they do them they find excuses not to do them on time. A lazy person is an undisciplined person that lives an unhealthy lifestyle. When laziness becomes enshrined in a person’s lifestyle, many negative results are bound for. For instance, important things are prohibited from getting done, good habits are destroyed, and self-esteem is lowered. The tips below will help you overcome laziness.

Identifying a problem is a basic but big step in problem solving. Not all cases of unwillingness to do work reflect laziness. There are some activities that drain mental and physical energy level that are not an indication of laziness. For example, mental conditions like Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Bi-polar disorder, anxiety and depression are mistaken for laziness as they may cause unwillingness to do work due to lack of motivation, social withdrawal and chronic fatigue. Also, medical conditions like vitamin deficiency, Chronic fatigue symptom, Low blood sugar, thyroid disorder, etc., that reduced energy level may be mistaken for laziness.

It is important to note that even productive people at times feel lazy. The best way to come out of laziness is to take practical steps. Below are ways through which laziness can be overcome:

break task down
  1. Divide your goals and tasks into manageable bits: lazy people are fond of doing things anyhow, that is, if they do it at all. One way laziness can be overcome is through planning of how tasks are to be completed by looking at the big picture- what is to be achieved. When faced with a goal, a task or challenges in general, the best way to go about it is through proper evaluation and then division of the task into smaller bits. This is because the task itself may seem overwhelming and you may get distracted along the way, performing the task as a whole. Also, make use of a timeline in completion of these work bits.

You can overcome laziness by dividing your goals and tasks into smaller manageable bits.

  1. Always create a plan of action: lazy people are disorganized lots, their actions are usually unplanned. Creating a plan of action is necessary in overcoming laziness, especially when faced with a great task, because a plan of action makes sure the goal is clear and that nothing is overlooked. Working with a plan of action makes you more efficient and accountable.

A working plan of action makes one overcome laziness by making goals clearer.

  1. Ask for help when necessary: Lazy people always find reasons not to go on with a task. They give excuses for quitting like, “I quit because I got stuck.”, and “I don’t know what to again so it’s best I abandoned the job”. To overcome laziness, try not to be an island, once faced with challenges when carrying out tasks ask for help.

Asking for help overcomes challenges by giving your reasons not to abandon that task.

  1. Make use of your strengths and take note of your weaknesses: as our faces differ so our strengths and weaknesses differ. Hardworking people try to discover their strengths and leverage on them. Do not start what you know your area of strength can’t carry, this would ensure all your tasks are complete and you do not live lazy.

To overcome laziness, know your strengths and weaknesses and leverage on strengths.

  1. Avoid distractions: Lazy people always welcome distractions and drift away with the distractions. To overcome laziness, avoid distraction. Learn what distracts you and get rid of them when faced with work. For example, if you are a writer and you know music distracts you, try as much as possible to get rid of music during writing hours.

To overcome laziness, avoid distractions.

  1. Adjust your diet: sometimes what you need to deal with that habit of laziness is a diet adjustment. Try taking more of high protein food. Avoid sugary foods and foods with high quantity of fat.

A good diet can help in overcoming laziness.

Exercise, rest and sleep
  1. Exercise, rest and sleep: getting as much rest and sleep as possible can go a long way in making you pretty much active when you’re awake. Exercise too keeps you fit and emotionally prepared for tasks at hand. So, to get rid of laziness rest well and exercise more.

Exercise, rest and sleep can make for more agile and reduce laziness

  1. As much as possible, do not multi-task: lazy people are always busy doing nothing. This is because; they do many things at a time with no completion in view. It is always better to start a task and finish it, before moving on to the next task at hand- that’s what active people do.

To overcome laziness, do not multi-task!

  1. Avoid procrastination: procrastination is the thief of time. Lazy people have their time stolen by procrastination. They always shift set deadlines and are always getting the job done ‘later’. To overcome procrastination, get that job done ‘now’, later is the time for another job.

Do not procrastinate- that’s what lazy people do

Other ways through which laziness can be overcome include:

  1. Take enough water
  2. Get motivated
  3. Think about the consequences of being lazy
  4. Think about the benefits of not being lazy
  5. Get a work partner where possible
  6. Make tedious works fun
  7. Practice mindfulness

Laziness like other bad habits can be overcome, just be intentional about overcoming it.

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