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How can I motivate myself to complete school work during quarantine?

Almost all the schools have been closed because of the growing coronavirus cases in the whole world. However, this pandemic of COVID-19 has not stopped the school from communicating and delivering the daily homework to the students over this extended break. It may be very difficult for you to stay motivated to complete your school homework as there are no teachers around you to keep you accountable. And even in normal circumstances, we all need a solid motivation to do our school work. 

The switch to the social isolation caused by this pandemic and quarantine has changed the all patterns of our lives. Our entire lives have been unsettling, our habits get disrupted and students’ classes have been turned to online from face to face. Online classes in this quarantine are entirely different from the classes that involve face to face instruction. All these changing circumstances have led our lives to various distractions that ultimately demotivate us to do even the most important tasks. Approximately all the students are experiencing social isolation and are feeling demotivated to complete their school work. This might lead the students to feel anxious which prevents them from functioning normally. 

There are probably certain things that you can control to make it better even when things get out of control. So, do not worry, we have come up with some of the effective tips that can help the students to stay motivated to complete their schoolwork and to function optimally despite the current circumstances. Let’s discuss them. 

Set Goals 

Setting specific and realistic goals for your schoolwork can boost up your performance and ultimately it also increases your motivation. Setting unclear, generic, or easy goals are less productive, therefore, set specific goals related to your effort. For example, make a goal to spend 3 consecutive hours on a certain subject. Besides, set a goal to complete a task within the specific time frame. Similarly, set realistic and achievable goals, such as writing the summary of half-page English lessons, or get done with the 10 quiz questions in one hour, etc. Give a challenge to yourself to make notes of a specific subject by a given set 

of deadlines. Make a to-do list where you can enlist all your goals and sort out them with priority. Follow the given timeline on your to-do list. Furthermore, deal with all the challenges and interruptions wisely while working. Setting goals is very important for child development and to raise a successful child. 

Break large projects into smaller ones 

Breaking the big tasks into smaller and manageable tasks allows you to gain maximum productivity and greater efficiency. There should be a logical sequence of your assigned tasks. Do your important tasks first then leave the smaller and easy task for the next time. In this way, you will not feel overwhelmed and stay motivated. Keep recording your progress and work steadily. In this way, you stay motivated to work more by actually seeing the progress you are making.

Reward yourself 

We run through a reward system in this life. We go to school to get a reward in the form of a degree and money is the reward that we get at work. It’s very difficult to find the motivation to complete your work when you are at home and want to complete your schoolwork in this quarantine. Therefore, when you complete your work, rewarding yourself is one of the important techniques to stay focused. For example, you can mentally tell yourself that I will be allowed to have a break on social media when I complete 10 questions of the school work. Whenever you are done with a particular school work, you can have an extra snack or have a break. All these little things make you feel happy and keep you motivated to complete your schoolwork. And yes, you can ask a family member to give you any reward if you are unable to maintain the discipline by yourself. 

Eliminate all distractions 

Studying at home without campus lessons with all the distractions can be challenging. There are a lot of distractions that might be stopping you from doing schoolwork at home, such as Netflix, social media, or your social life. However, it’s easy to prevent all these distractions at school as you all know that you will most likely get into trouble if your teacher notices you watching Netflix. So, there is a need to instill fear in you in the absence of a teacher at home and find out the ways to surrender all these distractions. 

One of the best ways to stay focused on completing your schoolwork is to eliminate all the distractions around you. Put your phone in an entirely different room, and sit at a place where there should be no outside noise of TV or other people reach out to you. Try to have a family member around you who takes the responsibility of hiding your phone from you all day. Involved a family member if your self-discipline does not work for you and you are really obsessed with your phone or social media. Having no distractions at all helps you to complete your work on time, makes you feel more productive and ultimately enhances your motivation. 

Guard your time 

To become productive at your work, you really do not need large amounts of time. Rather than that, focus on short blocks and be intentional to work without any interruption. Communicate with your friends about their work progress, compare your time with them, guard your time, and minimize the distractions to get your work done. 

Be flexible and go easy on yourself 

Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented crisis and we are all struggling to stay focused and motivated. Without any doubt, you did not even think of spending about a year at home because of this pandemic and learning online. Everything doesn’t go as planned, and that’s alright. It is necessary to be flexible in this difficult time and overcome all the setbacks. Whenever you fail to do your best, forgive

yourself, then move forward. This behavior and thinking of yours keeps you motivated to complete your work in quarantine. 

Create an Ideal Working Environment 

It’s very easy to live in the comfort of bed and casual trousers when you are taking classes from home during quarantine. If you are feeling the same, then you surely need to take some necessary steps to create an ideal working environment. This is the best way to keep yourself motivated to complete school work during quarantine. That look of an ideal working environment at home is different for everyone. You can basically do what you want which is a good thing about working from home. For example, you can keep a snack by your table if you like eating while doing school work. Here are some of the tips that you can choose to create an ideal working environment. 

  • Set an area of work aside by using a counter, desk, or maybe a kitchen table. Try to avoid comfortable places such as your bed as it will increase your desire to take some rest.
  • While doing your schoolwork, try to avoid wearing casual and loose clothes and dress up properly. 
  • Try to set your working environment in an area with little or no distractions that could not lead you to procrastinate such as toys or board games etc. 

Of course, in the end, this pandemic will be over. Physical classes will begin again and this semester of online classes from home will become a memory. Do not discount relaxation if you want to be consistently motivated to study during quarantine. I hope that you will all learn to manage your work and build all the above habits and strategies to stay motivated to complete your schoolwork during quarantine.

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