Best Traits for Work and Resume

To be successful is not that easy, you have to work on yourself to become disciplined and hardworking. Having strong work ethics or traits is very important to maintain a positive work culture or a good working environment. Some of the best traits that every employer should possess or at least work on it to improve his resume and personality are mentioned below

  • Positive attitude

It is very important to work on your attitude. You need to focus on who you are and if you can conceive and believe that, you are going to achieve wonders. Effective employees don’t look at excuses, they look at opportunities and what they can do. So if you work hard and have a positive attitude then you can have a breakthrough performance.

  • Conscientiousness

It is the single biggest trait that predicts success as it is the way by which people control impulses. Conscientious people are generally responsible, organized, to be prepared by planning, hardworking even in the face of difficulties, and tend to control their impulses. When you are organized and prepared, you will not find urgent situations so difficult. Otherwise urgent situations can become frustrating and time-consuming.

  • Ethical and loyal

In the business world, unethical business practices such as corruption, underpaid labor, fraud, and bribery come into play. It can affect the business as well as damage the lives and rights of other people. One of the most valued traits of an employer is being ethical and loyal to his work and colleagues. Business ethics provides standards that determine acceptable moral conduct in the business environment

Best Traits for Work and Resume

  • Punctual

Punctuality is considered the soul of business. If you are not on time, then you are saying that whatever you were doing is more important than the person you were going to see and that is probably the number one way to lose a potential client or a business deal.

  • Flexible

A good fit between work demands and other life responsibilities can improve the quality of both work and home. For employees, this in turn can affect job performance productivity. Flexibility does not mean you don’t need to work, it just means that you have to manage both work (where and when it has to be done) and personal life smartly. Managers and top leaders are now realizing that flexibility is the future of work, you have to focus on the outcomes of work, not the office hours and by this, you encourage employees to work smartly.

  • Efficiency

When you start with the end in mind, you gain clarity, and that in turn will make you more efficient. You will be planning and strategizing for the best path to your goals. For instance, your goal is to become a top project manager at your company. You have a big dream, so now can start planning out the most efficient method to achieve it. Rather than focusing on erroneous side quests, you’ll concentrate on the steps you must do to become a project manager.

  • Goal setting

Creating a goal, moving towards it is important but pushing yourself to a breaking point or trying to achieve a goal at all costs is not what it meant. If the initial goal can’t be reached, you should adjust to a more doable goal. It’s not that successful people always reach the goals they set initially, they always do adjustments according to the situation. It’s just that they don’t give up if things needed to be adjusted in one way or the other.

  • Accountable

Everyone makes mistakes. All of us have made mistakes throughout our lives. We all have done something that you know you should not have. There is only a minority who acknowledges their mistakes. You must acknowledge and hold yourself accountable for whatever you did as it can ultimately give you courage and determination to achieve success. You should know that your story will have some ups and downs. You should be strong while having bad days and learn from your mistakes. Don’t let one failure become the story of your life.

  • Team player

In an office, you have to work with people from different educational backgrounds, from different economic setups, from different sets of traditions and you have no option but to work well with the entire team. If you want to be successful at work you need to learn how to be the best teammate. Sometimes it becomes very difficult but you have to understand that everyone is unique and has a unique purpose. It can be challenging to bring everyone on the same page in terms of their thought process and work process. First and foremost you need to recognize that people don’t need to be clones of each other in your team, they should have the liberty to work in their way.

It is very important to respect yourself and respect others, by respecting and acknowledging everybody else’s work and role in the office. Once you do that, people start trusting you and that will lead to the formation of a good bond. No team in the world can function without a good bond. The key to respecting people is to first respect yourself. When you respect your own life, and your work, you will start behaving respectfully toward others and respect their work equally.

Everyone wants appreciation and that is quite a natural tendency. So if you want to be the best teammate you should learn to appreciate others. In that sense, you are encouraging people to be better for the next time and that will result in a better, friendly, and positive work environment. This will grow to be the culture of your team and will be something that will make your team strong. This leads to positivity, growth, and productivity.

Constructive feedback is very important to keep going as it starts with a little bit of appreciation and then focuses on the areas of improvement. It is very important for your team to grow so learn to give constructive feedback and how to receive constructive feedback because feedback can never be in one direction. It has to flow in both directions. It is important to share your perspective and be willing to accept somebody else’s opinion or perspective. Honest communication between colleagues can always go a long way and make your team way more productive than it already is.

  • Analyze

If you want to work as a solid team, make sure you don’t leave behind the person who has a certain weakness. If you know the weakness of each person in your team, make sure all of you working in a united fashion to overcome and better these weaknesses.

  • Knowledge of business

Even if the individual has all leadership qualities, but lacks experience and knowledge, he can’t excel as he won’t be able to get through the challenging situations that require detailed awareness of the subject. Effective leaders are skilled professionals and experts with deep insight and competence in their field. Therefore, to become an effective leader you need to have a solid knowledge base to compete in the market.

  • Good at Communication

Great leaders are strategic planners and believe in their teams. They facilitate their team to reach their potential. They are great at communicating their expectations and constructive feedback to their team.

  • Organizer and planner

A good organizer and planner is an individual who can provide foresight on what needs to be done and help organize and plan the team to get the task done. Good management skills are always in high demand, as a large portion of the job is to manage people and their duties. While another visionary person can be very influential for the change, this is not required in the definition of an effective leader. However, acquiring this skill can make their life as a leader more effective and smooth.

  • Good at Making the Hard Choices

Great leaders are good at making the hard choice, and in challenging times they do not hesitate to self-sacrifice to improve the lives of the ones around them. As managers or business owners, they know that it is not only their family that relies on them but also their staff’s families. Each worker is family to them. If you inspire to be a good leader, you need to realize that in essence, you are potentially making the choices and decisions for a bunch of people apart from your team members.

  • Commit Fully

The last but the most important step is commitment. You can define your goals and existing status in accomplishing them. Then you can devise the greatest plan to get you from where you are at present and where you are headed in the least time possible. You’ll only be able to achieve this by sheer hard work and full commitment—despite when it seems hopeless and unachievable. It will certainly seem difficult now and then. However, if you stick with your objective, you’ll find happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.


Thus you should possess strong values that contribute heavily towards the betterment of work culture. The values include respect, warmth, and compassion. You must exude confidence and is aware of your self-worth. Even if a person possesses good ideas, a great vision for change, and passion for it, if they are not confident, then actions cannot proceed.

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