partner up with to increase my outcome

Who can I partner up with to increase my outcome?

Humans strive to be better at whatever they do; they strive to produce better results and also to increase their outcome in every facet of life. Increasing outcome is not always as easy as it sound, like other areas of life, there are principles governing it. For one to increase their outcome, they need to follow some laid out principles with due diligence; principles like: planning, avoiding procrastination, setting goals, avoiding distractions, etc. But one basic principle most people leave out when trying to increase their outcome is ‘The Principle of Partnership’.

Partnership, whether in business, relationship or elsewise is very important. It is one way through which your outcome can increase exponentially. In the Christian’s Holy Book, it is written that: “Iron sharpens iron”, an indication that for anyone to go far they need a fellow of like mind. To increase your outcome, you don’t just need ‘another person’, but a person that will help you. This person with whom you can partner with should possess certain qualities without which it would be better off you worked alone. A person you should partner up with to increase your outcome should be all of these:

Person worthy of trust

Never partner up with a person you can’t trust. You have better chances of increasing your outcome, and even succeeding in general, when you work with someone you trust. This is because when you trust the person to fulfill their role as your partner you will have time to focus on your own role in moving whatever it is you’re involved in forward. When you do not have faith in your partner’s ability you will not be able to focus on what you need to do, and this would greatly affect your productivity.

Reliable person

It is best to partner up with someone you can count on. The person must have a proof of traction of reliability whether to you in the past or to someone else you know of. Reliable people are committed people- they are committed to your passion, ideas and ambitions. They are readily available and always deliver on time. You shouldn’t partner up with people that would take back their commitment from you whenever they choose.

Accessible person

You must be able to reach your partner at all times. Someone you cannot get in touch with when you need them is not a good partner material.

Challenging person

People who challenge you to be better at what you do are the best set of people to partner up with if you’re going to increase your outcome. These set of people reignite your fire, they challenge your way of thinking, and challenge you to take actions.

Selfless person

A selfish person is not a good option for a potential partnership because they will always think of themselves only. They wouldn’t prioritize your goal of increasing your outcome because they feel it would not be beneficial to them only.

An honest person

Honesty is very important in any partnership, whether as a relationship or in business. An honest partner would always tell you when they feel you are making the wrong decision even when it seems difficult to say.

Respectful person

A potential partner should be someone that respects you genuinely irrespective of age difference. They should respect you decisions. They should also be people that understand boundaries and not cross them.

Person of integrity
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Person of integrity

Integrity should be one of the most important qualities you should be looking out for in a potential partner. They should be people that are accountable for their actions without throwing blames, people that own up to errors. They should be able to do what is right even when you are not watching.

Passionate person

A partner that would help you increase your outcome should be someone who shares like passion as you in the area you would like to partner with the person. The person must be willing to work with you to achieve your set goals. They must have the zest to want to pursue your project with you with as much vigor and energy as you would.

Risk taker

Sometimes to increase your outcome you need to take risk and many times you would need someone to push you to take those risks. If your partner is someone that is not comfortable with taking risks or is a person that discourages you from taking risks you might want to reconsider your partnership with the person. A risk taker doesn’t necessarily refer to a person that makes major decision on impulse, there is a difference between risk taking and being callous, so in addition to being a ‘risk taker’, your partner should be able to tell when and when not to take risks.

Open-minded person

A partner that isn’t receptive to different ideas is not easy to work with. If you want to increase you outcome it is best to work with a person that is open to innovation and new ideas.

Active person

A lazy person is a no-no for a partnership. Someone you would be partnering with should be an active person.

Self-confident person

Self-confidence is a transmissible trait; people that are self-confident have a way of instilling that trait in other. For you to boost your self-confidence and in turn increase your outcome you will need to partner with a self-confident person.

Person that does not possess your negative traits.

One of the major reasons for wanting to partner up with someone is to help your weaknesses so as to achieve better result. You do not want to partner up with a procrastinator if you are one yourself, neither do you want to partner up with an easily discourage fellow if you lack self-motivation. Your partner should possess those good qualities you lack or are trying to improve on.

Bottom-line: All these qualities can be found in one person. If truly you want to increase you outcome it is best you look for ‘that’ person, because partnering with the wrong person would amount to failure, in fact, it is best not to partner up at all than to have a bad partner. Sometimes it is worth focusing on yoursenf and identify actions that bring the smallest results.

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