What marketing tactics are most effective for reaching new customers?

To bring a creative idea, product, or service to the sight of a potential buyer you have to put some effort into its marketing by following certain techniques. Marketing techniques focus on the needs and wants of the customers, so the companies can identify who and what kind of target audience would be interested in purchasing their products. Thus marketing tactics are used to attract customers and then retain them for the business.

Social advertisements, detailed blogs, live videos, podcasts, are all some of the widely used marketing tactics that facilitate the growth of your business,

A detailed comprehension of the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactic will help you in staying focused on the best-suited marketing tactics. Following are the different marketing tactics to reach new customers and retain their loyalty.


Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics are strategic tasks that facilitate promoting your brand and products to your target audience. The purpose of the marketing tactics is defined by the strategy and company goals. Certain marketing tactics can be used to promote the content; others may generate leads from landing pages. Some tactics also involve advertising to encourage free trial sign-ups and bring new customers. You can employ the most appropriate marketing tactics from a sea of variety for your company. Thus, depending on your goals and strategy, you can pick the ones best suited for you.

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Tactic

A marketing strategy is aligned with the goals of your company and determines the direction of the campaigns, marketing budget, and ways of communication and distribution of a message to your audience. On the other hand, the marketing tactics are defined by the marketing strategy, and they are used to accomplish the marketing goals.

For instance, the marketing strategy involves the use of content marketing through blogs or articles to increase leads by 30% in the second quarter to promote awareness of the new product or service launch. In this case, a range of marketing tactics can be used. Firstly, you can insert CTAs in the posts to publish more relevant CTAs. Secondly, create comprehensive articles twice or thrice a month to increase traffic from keywords. Lastly, you may use Facebook ads to bring traffic to your site.

Now, let’s delve into the various types of marketing tactics that help bring new customers to your company.

  • Content Marketing Tactics

Content is a highly needed tactic to grow business and attract clients. However, ongoing creation and publishing can be challenging and overwhelming to generate the ROI.

Nonetheless, content is a highly effective premise. All it takes is a little consistency and the appropriate tactics that are compatible with the marketing strategy of your company. The following are the three best tactics for boosting your content marketing program:

  1. Dynamic Call to Actions (CTA)

It is beneficial to close more leads with robust CTAs in the blogs and articles.

Standard CTAs are statistics; you can include a lead offer on an online page, and it stays there until it is changed by the user.

Dynamic CTAs boost conversions as they adjust based on the viewers, thus making it customized.

CTAs can be customized based on a user profile, behavior, buyer’s journey, and user interests and interactions.

  1. Automated Webinars

Webinars are highly beneficial in lead generation. However, running live streams of the ongoing presentations may not be practical for various companies. It can be a resource-intensive and costly process to realize.

In this regard, there is a huge benefit in creating automated and evergreen webinars as they never expire and does not demand ongoing manual work. You can set it one, and allow the campaign to run for an extended duration. Therefore, you’ll be generating more customers on autopilot.

However, the drawback of these webinars is that the viewers can’t interact in real-time. Additionally, based on your industry, despite creating an evergreen webinar, any unexpected change in the market or industry can render the content outdated. Despite a few cons, the benefits of automated content outweigh the drawbacks.

  • Email Marketing Tactics

Personalization, customer loyalty, and automation are some valuable strategies to get the most from email marketing campaigns. Detailed below are the tactics for each of the above-mentioned strategies to boost the ROI and meet the marketing goals of your company.

  1. Behavioral Targets

If you are interested in increasing conversions and connecting with prospects, then behavioral targeting is your go-to tactic. Behavioral targeting through email takes into account users’ actions on the website and in emails and then sends automated emails based on this information.

Behavioral tactics work due to the concept of relevancy. Once you start targeting prospects with the relevant content, based on interests, and past behaviors, they are expected to engage more often. This, in addition to the automated campaigns, can be used in different ways and customized to automated email workflows, generating more customers on the go.

  1. Automated Referral Campaigns

Referrals are an essential part of the business growth but managing a manually operated referral campaign is tedious, and you may miss out on potential referrals if you don’t automate the process.

It will be advantageous to set up automated referral programs through email using CRM or other such tools to enable your email marketing. Hence, you’ll be directing the campaign to send an email depending on the user’s behavior. You can send automatic emails and tag users who want to refer a person. When a user suggests a person they want to refer a friend, the program automatically generates an email describing your referral program.

  1. Subscriptions

Your company can reward your customers and subscribers by emailing those gifts, special offers, and discounts. Elevate your customers with these exclusive offers so they can engage and stay loyal to your business.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

If you have a lot of traffic but you are unable to convert that traffic, then it is not valuable traffic. Try the following tactics to increase conversions and get more sales and leads.

  • Live Chat

Live chat offers a benefit for your website viewers to get immediate assistance on their problems while navigating the page. Solving the customer concerns and problems in real-time can make the customer experience more useful.

In addition to the support, live chat can be used to gather data and help in improving customer experience, hence, increasing conversions.

  • Web Optimization

About 81% of users leave forms after starting to fill them because according to the people they are time-consuming. Leaving forms is rampant practice, but with strategic optimization, you can increase the conversion rates of your business.

Your lengthy web forms can be optimized without removing the fields by introducing conditional logic with multi-step forms to customize the experience. Hence, for instance, rather than the users filling the entire form on one page, they may have to fill the fields by directing them to the next page. This layout does not overwhelm the user and they are likely to fill out the entire form.

With the multi-step layout format, you can personalize the step based on the user’s information from the earlier step, thus increasing conversion. You are tailoring your form in real-time to the needs and interests of your users.

  • Customized Landing Pages

Customization or personalization to increase conversions can be used to optimize the landing pages to make them more relevant for the users. To entirely optimize your pages, you’ll need to consider where your users are coming from and landing on your page. Consider your user’s intent, their search, and whether your landing page has resulted in the conversion and created a logical next stage for them.

  • Social Marketing Tactics

Like content marketing, social marketing can only be beneficial if you can realize your ROI, try the following tactic.

  1. User-First Approach

Marketers use social media as an extension of their sales and lead campaigns and measure success based on the number of their sales. The social media apps are not innately sales-oriented, rather they depend on whether the users engage, interact, and read the relevant content. So you are treading a narrow line between overselling your product and helping the user. Hence, if people need advice regarding your offerings, rather than recommending a product, educate the user to help them solve their problem. The end goal is to make your brand (not only the product) seem to be the problem solver.


There are numerous marketing tactics available to generate more customers and retain the old ones. The marketing tactics that you choose from a sea of leading tactics make sure it is part of the marketing strategy and goals of your company.

Marketing tactics for your campaign can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive activity. Hence, you need to be able to select a robust, ROI-driven marketing campaign. In doing so, make sure to have a user-first approach; it will help the potential customers to find your brand as the solution to their problem.

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