How do you advertise your product or service?

One of the reasons that new business fails is that they don’t attract customers via proper advertisement. The reality is a lot of businesses make it through the other stages like coming up with the brand name, coming up with the logo, and even building out a specific product or service, but unfortunately, many of them fail when it comes to attracting prospects and converting those prospects into customers. For this purpose there the very first step is to brainstorm marketing ideas so what you want to do here is you want to go. Although there are possibly different ways that you could attract customers to your business, you want to come up with realistic scenarios for how you might execute those opportunities.

It is very important to come up with realistic scenarios for every one of them just as an exploratory process. So for example if you want to go with content marketing to promote your business. It depends on what kind of articles you create, What kind of videos? Would you create a podcast? You want to explore exactly how you might pursue that opportunity if you had to. And then you want to do the same as you go down the list with search advertising, social advertising, and hosting live events.

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Explore the possibilities

You might consider hosting a local meet-up, a small meet-up group with enthusiastic customers, or would you try to put on a big fancy event and invite other speakers? Whatever the marketing channel might be, explore the possibilities of what you could do if you had to pursue the various marketing opportunities that are out there. Mostly new businesses got stuck in a rut as they only pursue marketing channels that all of their rivals are pursuing. So if you see another potential competitor using search advertising, you might be tempted to just think that okay search advertising is the way that you market this kind of business and that thinking limit your options. And unfortunately, when you follow that kind of strategy you are playing into your competitors’ strengths and you are pursuing the channel that is already going to be competitive.

  • Select promising channels

This is the very important step where we start to narrow the field. Instead of pursuing all the channels, it is essential to narrow it down to 3 to 5 of the most promising opportunities. As you are a beginner your number one priority should be speed so find channels that are likely to create results for you quickly. Along with that choose channels that are likely to offer a lot of customers so both volumes of customers and the speed at which you attract them are important.

Another consideration would be your ability to attract them profitably. So just because a channel can deliver a lot of customers and do so quickly, it might not be cost-effective to pursue it. So choose smartly when you narrow down the field to three to five of the most promising channels or the most promising opportunities based on your initial brainstorming.

  • Build a top 10 list that includes your product and place it strategically

Most people while struggling to find a product or service do a Google search for the best tool or highest rated product and when you look at the page one results you click on the one that says top 10 tools. As most people do this so you need to be on that list and you can do that by making contacts with journalists or bloggers and you ask to be on that list. You can also create your own and give it to a journalist or blogger to be published on their site.

  • Get influencers to do a review

It’s a great way to reach the new customer and help more people discover your product or service. It is also very difficult to do and mainstream journalists are inundated with press releases and pitches for stories so you might want to avoid those people unless you have a personal relationship with them so improve your offer by targeting influencers and bloggers instead. Instead of sending them press releases reach out with a personal email and ask them if they would like to see the sample of your product. If you stand behind your product they will stand behind your product. They will give you an excellent review and they will drive a ton of traffic to your site.

  • Use Pinterest

Many people use Pinterest to build a wish list so this is the place you need your product to be because there are future purchases or activities that pinners want to do that’s why they are pinning these things. Pins tend to stick around for a long time, they don’t disappear because these are the things that people want to buy so build a presence there and also use buyable pins which Pinterest just released to target the appropriate audiences that you need.

  • Facebook customer audiences

It is the number one go-to advertising tool as billions of people are on Facebook and as an advertising platform, you can target the most minute interest available. You can advertise your amazon page, your store, and your service. Best of all you can upload your email database if you have one and target that entire database on Facebook.

  • Giveaway

If you are launching a new product or service into the market, there are a few different and unique, and exciting ways you can introduce your brand to the world. One of these ways could be through a pre-launch giveaway or contest. Hosting a giveaway is a great way to create a feeling of excitement around your new product and you can start weeks or months in advance.

Getting your SEO on point is crucial, no matter if you are launching a new product or an established brand. Having a well-positioned website on Google gives you a steady base of traffic to show off your new product to. This can be the beginning of your inbound marketing strategy for your new product or service.

  • Create shareable content

Consistently creating content is one of the most reliable digital marketing strategies, especially in the long run. Invest time in creating a high-quality blog that talks about relevant topics in your industry that consumers will be interested in reading. Try to create content that directly answers the user’s question. The goal is to get the users themselves to share your content which will bring traffic to your website regularly.

  • Try remarketing

Not everyone will be ready to purchase your product or service the first time they hear about that. Take this into your consideration that your future customers are in different phases of the purchasing process. The good news is that you can nurture them over time using remarketing ads. Remarketing ads allow you to put your ads in front of different users while they browse online, often including products they have already looked at or even products, they have placed in their cart.

  • Create a recommendation system

Word of mouth marketing is the best way to spread the news about new products or services. Users naturally talk to their friends about the products they use or recommend. And you can get users talking about your product by creating an incentive system. Try offering a discount, free shipping, or cash back in exchange for users recommending your product to their friends.

  • Optimize your website speed

This trick is both simple and effective make sure your website is running at top speed. A quick website improves user experience, and brand perception and helps with your SEO. There are several things you can do to improve your website’s loading times, but it is recommended to get expert help because it involves a bit of code and behind-the-scenes action.

  • Take care of your customer service

Customers are now used to getting answers from the companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means it’s crucial to set up a system to help them whenever they need it. Customer service is one of the areas in which careful employee selection is most important. Your company’s ambassador should be empathetic, to offer your customer the experience they deserve.

  • Prepare your FAQ

When you launch a new product or service, users usually have a bunch of questions about how it works. The more innovative it is, the more you will have to explain. It is recommended to prepare a complete and easy-to-find FAQ on your website.


If you start a new business a product or a service, chances are you are not the only one who does what you do. You likely offer a better product or service than your competition, so it is important to let customers know about your product via advertisement. The above-mentioned ways are some of the best ways to advertise your product or service.

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