3 ways customer surveys can improve your business

Keeping healthy communication and receiving regular client feedback is the most essential component of running and growing a business. It helps in improving the customer experience and enhance customer loyalty.

An important aspect of business growth is knowing and meeting the needs of your customers. One of the good business strategy is to survey your clients to get familiarize with their perceptions, expectations, satisfaction, and improvement areas. It allows you to respond in an effective manner, ultimately satisfying your customers.


Customers’ surveys help in reaching out to clients in a time-savvy manner while allowing the businesses to communicate directly with the target market. Customer surveys are a gold mine to a successful entrepreneur. Customer survey data can be an invaluable tool in making business decisions, a healthy understanding of the customer concerns, and attaining the desired product or service innovation.

Reasons to Survey Your Customers

  1. Surveys Support Customer Engagement.

Customer surveys are a great way to engage your clients. It helps to ask for their valuable insights and views, increasing their interest and interaction with the company. Additionally, customers feel valued and seen when you specifically address their requirements. The more engaged and open to communication your customers are, the more they are expected to be loyal to your company.

  1. Surveys Increase Customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Hearing and familiarizing yourself with the customers is a critical step to satisfy their needs. Customer surveys help in discovering how the customers feel about your products, services, and rates. It is an efficient way to get accustomed to the likes and dislikes of the customers, and the specific areas for improvement within their business. Satisfied and happy customers are likely to become more frequent and loyal customers. Thus, the customer surveys compel the customers to share their experience and keep purchasing from your company.

  1. Surveys help in collecting customer data.

Demographic information can be deduced from the customer surveys. The surveys can encompass some questions offering key data like age, gender, and location that can help in understanding the customer base and who is benefitting the most from your products or services.

  1. Surveys Facilitate in Improving your product or service.

You can get valuable feedback with regard to the design and function by collecting customer feedback. You can enquire to get the customer’s needs and then modify or build new products/services that the customer requires. Asking specific questions about the products and services will help to collect information for spotting the trends. This will give you a competitive advantage.

  1. Surveys can serve as operational efficiency assessments.

Companies can survey their customers to assess the performance of the company about customer service and operational efficiency. A key method is to use a survey data collection by administering a website usability questionnaire to enhance operations. The questionnaire may include questions regarding the content, accessibility, navigation, loading duration, and miscellaneous questions to understand whether the website is achieving the desired requirements of the customers. Moreover, surveying questionnaires can also apply to staff—supporting to create a business strategy that channels employee experience management to improve staff performance and retention. Surveying can be used as an essential tool to target employee performance as per the suggestions gained from the customers.

  1. Surveys can help in benchmarking for development.

A critical reason to survey your customers is for benchmarking. Collection of feedback at various stages will allow comparing the yearly-based data to look for any modifications needs and if the employed alterations were positively received by the customers or had a positive influence on the sales. Ultimately, they can help you track your performance.

  1. Surveys help in understanding various customer groups.

Familiarizing with the target audience is essential to make your marketing dream come to reality. You should know your customers and convey relevant messages to them. Survey data provides a way to reveal insights regarding specific customers groups, like people in a specific age group or who reside in a certain geographic location. Or, if you are unsure about your target audience, customer surveys can give you a direction with that.

  1. Survey Provide Insights how people perceive the competition.

Costumer research does not only mean just inquiring questions about your product or brand it can help receive a greater knowledge and understanding of your competitors within your area and your market. You can gain valuable knowledge about your industry, in general. Typically, most consumers have diverse experiences of using similar products and services and it’s likely they have knowledge about other companies. The data and feedback gathered through the customer surveys can help you what people think of your products and how your competition is doing. Thus, the customer surveys can provide a direction to modify and improve your business to excel in the market.


3 Ways Customer Surveys Improve Your Business

Customer survey data is an undeniably valuable tool for making decisions, understanding your customers, and achieving innovation in the products or services. Here are some important ways that customer surveys can help improve the business.

  1. Surveys support customizing your products

Various businesses try every gimmick in the market to create and rehash the products to bring in more customers but to no avail. Customer surveys promote transparent and honest interaction between the customers and the business. Through customer surveys, companies can avoid the unnecessary circuit track and satisfy customers without unwanted stress. For example, instead of overspending in marketing analysis, trying to experiment and create a product your consumers would appreciate, you can easily get that information through a customer survey and then use it to customize your products accordingly.

  1. Surveys Promote Customer Engagement and Feedback

Customers feel appreciated when they are involved and engaged in your business. When the customers feel like their preferences and thoughts are held in high esteem, they are expected to stay loyal to your product and therefore surveys are essential as they can help you know the information why some customers are leaving, and the rest are staying.

Moreover, feedback gained from the surveys plays a great role in improving service delivery. For instance, your profits are leaking through a staff who keeps putting off clients. A survey would help in ensuring you keep tabs on productivity.

Often, customer recommendations, testimonials, and reviews are generated from responses during the surveys.

  1. Surveys Are Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

If your business is, for instance, into the App development, your applications are expected to become obsolete without effective monitoring and tracking performance data. You won’t know which things to fix, and which functions need to be improved. A good customer survey helps in tracking the performance of your products and services and letting you know of the ideas that would bring improvement.

Additionally, from the customer surveys, a business would have a sea of information on customer behavior and preferences to share with the staff and to train them to ensure they are printed to serve better. Data from these surveys also ensure business leaders do not make blind decisions but are guided by legitimate and apt information.

Surveys to Use

If you have a business, you can use questionnaires filled out in person or do the traditional surveys conducted by your staff or a consulting agency.

There are also several online choices. Some of the valuable survey platforms are described below:

  • Survey Monkey is at the top of its game in terms of popularity and ease of use. Additionally, it’s free for up to 100 responses per survey.It has merged with Zoommerang, therefore, improving its offerings and services.
  • PollDaddy is another survey option, created by the WordPress team. The tool offers quizzes, polls, ratings, and surveys instruments. Up to 200 responses each month and a maximum of 10 questions per survey can be availed for free.
  • Survey Gizmo requires a monthly fee, and there are no restrictions on the number of surveys or respondents and the software allows seamless branding of the survey instrument.
  • Constant Contact, the popular email software, offers a survey tool. Though there is a cost for the service, if you already own a paid account, this may serve you like the least expensive and easiest option.
  • KISSinsights allows just two questions per popup survey on the website. If your write spot-on, and eye-catching questions, this is an efficient way to gather essential information.


Customer surveys can serve as an important tool to understand your customers and ultimately, your business. Customer experience is the ultimate information that comes out of the customer surveys. Whether the business is looking for a direction on a new product line or service or needs to analyze the customer trends in your industry, surveys offer the ability to reveal consumer insights and make informed, information-driven business decisions using information that’s directly from the people that mean the most-your customers. Hence, if you are interested in introducing a new product line or generally want to get customer feedback about your service, customer surveys can be your best option.

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